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Can a cookie help India win a world cup?

Our campaign made Oreo the most loved FMCG brand in India. To grow household penetration amid dipping sales growth, Oreo dived into the mass hysteria surrounding the Cricket World Cup in 2022, making a cricket crazy nation, believe that relaunching Oreo could help them win the World Cup. We flipped the mass narrative of doom and dismay with hope. Results? Household penetration grew by 12%. Influencers joined in, memes were created, our cookies were even framed. Needless to say, everyone who’s not living under a rock was talking about it.

Brand: Oreo
Client: Mondelēz India
Agency: Leo Burnett Mumbai


We have created a popular product on the important topic of landmine safety for Ukraine, which stands out among other educational products on this topic. We were able to talk about this important and complex topic in a language that is easily understood and assimilated by both children and adults. The campaign reached eight million people, more than 530,000 of whom took the online course “Watch Where You’re Going”. 80% of course participants successfully passed the examination to test their knowledge of the material.

Brand: VIF – the Network to Prevent and Tackle Violence against Women
Client: VIF - The Network to Prevent and Tackle Violence Against Women
Agency: DDB
Language: English

The Silent Night

As New Zealanders grapple with the cost-of-living crisis, The Wellington City Mission have experienced a fourfold increase in demand for services — spiking with the pressure of Christmas. To generate emergency fundraising we staged ‘The Silent Night’, a crowd-less event that channelled Wellingtonians’ goodwill into tangible contributions to their community. The event was a sell-out, selling more tickets than the stadium’s seating capacity, raising over $350k in ticket sales, and bringing in first time donors. And because no one attended, 100% of the sales were donated to those in need.

Brand: Wellington City Mission
Client: Wellington City Mission
Agency: Special Auckland

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