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We instead of Me

To prevent exploitation of women in the sex trade, the anti-prostitution organization Talita focused on the root cause: men buying sex. Disturbingly, one in ten Swedish men confess to this, each with a justifying excuse. Leveraging the idiom Swedish “wearing the victim cardigan” (i.e. the local equivalent of “playing the victim card”) we put a spotlight on these absurd excuses, igniting a nationwide discussion about prostitution’s real victims. This effort shifted public attitudes among 9% of the male population.

Brand: We instead of me
Client: Galychyna
Agency: Bickerstaff - creative agency
Language: English

Kevin versus John - How a humble carrot usurped a national treasure to win the UK’s Christmas Ad crown

Magnum Classics were losing attractiveness for cheaper or more innovative alternatives. To revert this sales drop scenario, we needed to reinforce Magnum’s quality perception. And a cultural shift led us to a powerful insight: younger generations consume more culture from the past, meaning that good things don’t get old, they get classic. With this fresh way of seeing aging, we created a beautiful campaign that celebrated timeless classics, like the pleasure of indulging in a Magnum, increasing in 22% Classics sales, +4.5-points in Better Quality and +11-points in Purpose perception.

Brand: Aldi Sud
Client: Aldi UK Ltd.
Agency: McCANN Manchester
Language: English

Welcome to the Icelandverse

In 2022, travel was poised for a comeback. Up against big-budgeted competitors, tourism-dependent Iceland needed a low-cost, high-impact campaign to raise awareness heading into the new year. So when Mark Zuckerberg launched the Metaverse, Iceland introduced the “Icelandverse,” a parody film highlighting actual reality in Iceland. The video quickly racked up over 6 million views, doubled the engagement rate of Iceland’s previous record, and earned over 6 billion media impressions—leading Inspired by Iceland to declare the “Icelandverse” their most successful marketing campaign ever, just 10 days after the film’s launch.

Brand: Business Iceland
Client: Business Iceland.
Agency: SS+K
Language: English

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