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Deals stuck in time

Brand: Deals stuck in time
Client: McDonald's (Sweden)
Agency: NORD DDB Stockholm
Language: English

Superb Owl

Weeks before the Super Bowl LV, Reddit made headlines when an amateur investor community on the platform took on Wall Street. How could Reddit turn this moment of notoriety into equity? Reddit hacked the Super Bowl with a five-second commercial celebrating the power of communities to change the world. The ad was hailed as the unlikely winner of the Super Bowl, generating 6.6 billion impressions, creating new brand appeal and attracting new users and advertisers, while staying true to Reddit’s underdog character.

Brand: Reddit
Client: Reddit, inc.
Agency: R/GA California
Language: English

For when it's time: Extra gum's pandemic comeback

Extra Gum needed to kickstart brand recovery after the significant impact of prolonged COVID-19 social distancing. Rather than reinvent itself, the brand leaned into the problem and its core benefit in order to own the upcoming cultural moment of a post-vaccination social reemergence. Extra out-performed category growth by 73.6%, broke earned media records by 7.6% and grew unaided brand awareness by 30%. 

Brand: Extra Gum
Client: Mars Wrigley
Agency: Energy BBDO
Language: English

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