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Up The Vote

2020 challenged the purpose of all brands as people faced a pandemic, racial tension and consequential US Presidential Election, and expected brands’ help. Reddit demonstrated its value to society by proving the act of voting should be as prevalent offline as it is on-platform. Reddit receives an average of 165 million votes per day, yet only 137 million Americans voted in the 2016 US Presidential Election. Up The Vote shifted the behavior of over 300,000 disgruntled voters, made a positive impact, and became a more legitimate brand and business.

Brand: Reddit
Client: Reddit
Agency: R/GA California
Language: English

Send Noods

Amid COVID-19 panic, our disrupted livelihoods had us yearning for comfort. With connections to others severed, we turned to comfort food to fill the void. Meanwhile, a competitor entered the Macaroni & Cheese category—Cheetos, a zeitgeist among younger consumers. Kraft needed to galvanize Millennial attention to maintain its position as market leader. Enter: “Send Noods.” On National Noodle Day, Kraft encouraged young adults to reconnect and send boxes of Kraft Mac & Cheese to their special someones. The response was astounding—and no one was talking about Cheetos.

Brand: Kraft Macaroni & Cheese
Client: The Kraft Heinz Company
Agency: Mischief @ No Fixed Address
Language: English

The Heart-Sewing-Kit

In a chaotic fiscal year, with Asociatia Inima Copiilor (The Heart of Children Association) needed funds to keep running its “medical missions” program: bringing foreign pediatric heart surgical doctors to Romania to operate children born with heart malformations at zero costs for their families. Fundraising consisted of designing & marketing martisor-like, heart-shaped pins which people could personally sew, as symbol of heart surgery, during “love season” (February & March).

Brand: The Heart of Children Association
Client: The Heart of Children Association
Agency: Mercury360
Language: English

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