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Share in the true spirit of Ramadan

Cultural sensitivity is tricky in today’s culturally diversive world. Ramadan’s trickiest for McDonald’s: a month of self-restraint and home-cooked food, it contradicts what we do. So we crafted a gripping narrative of how sharing elevates Ramadan from being a Muslim-exclusive season to new connections forged amongst Singaporeans. Our emotional story featuring a “Happy Sharing Box” offered a new reason to have McDonald’s. Different races and religions lauded the film as a symbol of harmony, as did the global press. In sharing, we received: 11.5% increased sales, 20% increase on McDelivery.

Brand: McDonald's Singapore
Client: McDonald's Singapore
Agency: DDB Group Singapore
Language: English


Peru qualified for the World Cup after 36 years. As one of the most important brands in the country we had to be present at this special moment in an environment overloaded with similar messages. Since we were not sponsors of either the national team or the World Cup, our task was difficult. We created a distinctive campaign with Captain Paolo Guerrero: a tribute to Peruvian fans. Results were extraordinary achieving historical record in brand's preference and emotional closeness, and a great uplift in credit and debit cards sales.

Brand: BCP
Client: BCP
Agency: TBWA Perú
Language: English

Changing the Game

To bring Microsoft’s mission to life, increase brand love and demonstrate Microsoft as leader in innovation, we highlighted an unlikely product: the XBOX Adaptive Controller, a device created for disabled gamers, to tell the story about why leveling the playing field mattered for everyone. We took to the biggest stage, the Super Bowl, to show the world: when everyone can play, we all win. We saw 1B impressions, 35M in earned media, 879% increase in #GamingForEveryone and 76% agreeing that Microsoft was a brand they loved.

Brand: Microsoft
Client: Microsoft
Agency: McCann New York
Language: English

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