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Simply Spiked Lemonade: Day Ones

When Simply, America’s #1 juice brand, announced it was launching an alcoholic version, Black Twitter went wild. Instead of making these superfans part of our launch plan, we gave them the lead role, building a community around them. We gave them exclusive access to product, amplified their voices and engaged with them constantly. This organic outreach contributed to 1.8 billion organic impressions on TikTok alone. In a market saturated with seltzers, we sold 2 million cases in 3 months, making Simply Spiked the biggest launch in Molson Coors history.

Brand: Simply Spiked Lemonade
Client: Molson Coors Beverage Company
Agency: ICF Next
Language: English

Break The Code

To celebrate Cyberpunk 2077’s launch, Xbox created a custom-console inspired by the game’s theme. After three studio delays, we were tasked with selling a console for a game that wouldn’t be released for months. We created #BreakTheCode — unique online experiences that invited fans into the world of Cyberpunk and “hack” the console reveal video we hid behind cryptic puzzles and clues. While sheltering in place, thousands of gamers across the globe worked together to #BreakTheCode and resulted in 100% of stock sold in less than 6 hours.

Brand: Xbox
Client: Microsoft
Agency: 215 McCann
Language: English

Power Your Dreams

How do you get gamers talking about a next-generation console when the games don't look next-gen yet? You start by recognizing gamers don’t play for graphic fidelity. They play to expand their experiences beyond their reality. All the power of the new console existed to bring their dreams to life. Partnering with a leading research university to capture the dreams of gamers after experiencing the console, our campaign, "Power Your Dreams," invited gamers to imagine the possibilities the future of gaming help for them.

Brand: Xbox
Client: Microsoft
Agency: 215 McCann
Language: English

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