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At Navy Federal Credit Union, the company name creates a key business challenge. Although everyone in the military community is eligible to join, if someone isn’t a member of the Navy, they assume they can’t. Outspent 4:1, and prospecting a group who ignored stereotypical “military looking” ads, we used April Fool’s to “reveal” a new brand name and give our members something to talk about. They spread the message like wildfire to their prospect networks, decreasing cost per impression to 20¢, spiking awareness, and boosting social engagement and sentiment.

Brand: Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU)
Client: Navy Federal Credit Union
Agency: MullenLowe
Language: English

2023_us_2023_e-7930-616_hero_1 KFC That’s Finger Lickin’ Good
2021_us_2021_e-6528-811_hero_1 Wendy's Super Wendy's World

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