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Would you put an Effie up your nose?

To survive in tough market conditions, Toyota’s Aygo needed a complete reinvention. We launched the new generation of this model, the Aygo X, as the segment was declining, margins were shrinking, and our key competitor was growing increasingly dominant. With a mandate to grow sales, despite a 20-25% increase in list prices, we harnessed a simple yet valuable product truth and used it successfully shift perceptions from “cheap and cheerful” to unique and desirable. Our campaign delivered 38% sales growth in a segment that declined by 18% the same year.

Brand: Meralys
Client: Jadran Galenski Laboratorij d.d.
Agency: Utorak. Biro za propagandu.
Language: English

Breaking the taboo

Although 7.5 million Poles experience constipation at least once a month, talking about it is embarrassing - while conversation is key to finding the right solution. Based on our strategy "Break the Taboo" we created bold communication that directly talks about what the competition has been silencing for years. Effects? From being market’s #2 with aided awareness less than half of eternal market leader – Xenna - we became market’s #1 reducing our awareness gap to Xenna by half. Additionally, we made Poles suffering from constipation talk about it more.

Brand: Dulco with Dulcobis and DulcoSoft Junior variants
Client: Opella Healthcare a Sanofi company
Agency: FCB Health Spark (formerly IPG Health Spark Warsaw) | An IPG Health Associate Company
Language: English

Don't sleep on it

To help with breast cancer’s spread in Saudi Arabia, IKEA needed to create a meaningful longer-time impact versus having yet another time-limited campaign like other brands and organizations. We tapped into the truth that women were aware about breast cancer and its danger but were not checking themselves regularly. And we created, “THE SELF-CARE CUSHION”, transforming IKEA’s popular cushion to act as a daily reminder for breast self-check exams and early detection. It became a daily reminder for breast self-check exams, through IKEA’s owned and social channels, impacting behaviours.

Brand: IKEA
Client: IKEA (Saudi Arabia)
Agency: Publicis Groupe - Leo Burnett Middle East
Language: English

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