Multicultural - Non-Profits

Any effort by a non-profit whose success was dependent on effectively connecting with a specific cultural group or groups, e.g. African-American, Asian, Hispanic, LGBTQ+, etc. 



Vote like a Madre

For Hispanic moms, climate change was a real concern. However, most weren’t aware that voting was the strongest tool they had against it. In fact, 50% of Hispanic women did not vote in 2016. We needed to change this, and we did it by turning voting into an act of love. Our campaign, “Vote Like a Madre,” asked mamas to pinky promise their children they would vote for politicians that put the planet first. We got mamas to pinky up, speak up and vote, and proved motherly love conquers all.

Brand: Potential Energy Action Network
Client: Potential Energy Action Network
Agency: the community
Language: English

AARP COVID-19 Response

When COVID-19 hit the U.S., Latinos were among those who paid the highest price. A lack of in-language information, higher levels of distrust in the government, the nature of their jobs (many Latinos are essential workers), and their lack of access to healthcare made them especially vulnerable to COVID-19. As Spanish-dominant Latinos braced themselves to battle the virus without the tools they needed to stay safe, AARP stepped in to help them navigate the health crisis with timely, in-language information and resources.

Brand: AARP
Client: AARP
Agency: Republica Havas
Language: English

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