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To help people who sincerely want to quit smoking but are weary of getting involved help from others, Tobacco Free Florida (TFF) create a tool that lends them the support they need in a private, low-key medium: CRM. Through the CRM Quit Buddy program (and with no paid media), TFF was able to fill the long unaddressed void between quitting totally alone and its more involved formal services, leading to 78% higher quitting success than its other services, as well as enrollment and engagement at double the industry benchmarks.

Brand: Tobacco Free Florida
Client: Tobacco Free Florida
Agency: ALMA DDB.
Language: English

Chasing Sunscreen Shoppers during an unprecedented Summer.

The sunscreen season looked a lot different in 2020. As southern and western states were warming up in April, lockdown orders went into effect. The need for sunscreen was waning, and, in-store shopping was not an option. For Neutrogena, this was a crisis, as this category relied on early success. We leveraged search and eCommerce insights to find new ways to engage users that had switched to online consideration & shopping. As a result, digital ROIs across search, eCommerce & social improved over 75%, and, Amazon delivered 72% sales growth.

Brand: Neutrogena
Client: Johnson & Johnson
Agency: Reprise Digital
Language: English

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