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Milano #BestDressedCookies

Beloved but overlooked, Milano needed to grab the spotlight from the flashier cookies kids demand. To promote a cookie made just for grown-ups, we needed to connect to a moment made just for them: the Oscars. But we weren’t official sponsors. When celebrities exited their limos, we recreated their looks on our cookies and tweeted them out before they had finished the red carpet. Our fans and the press ate it up with 146MM+ earned impressions, engagement rates 219% above benchmark, and a 15% jump in sales for the month.

Brand: Pepperidge Farm Milano Cookies
Client: Campbell’s Snacks
Agency: VMLY&R
Language: English

Tide #LaundryNight

In 2019, Tide was the most talked about brand of the NFL. By tapping into the universe of NFL and NBC fanbases, Tide sparked a national debate that got people thinking and talking about laundry more than ever before. All while telling them not to think about laundry. As a result, Tide elevated itself beyond the functional realm of stains and odors to own the entire conversation around doing laundry. Oh, and people bought a whole lot of Tide, too.

Brand: Tide
Client: Procter & Gamble
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi New York
Language: English

2021_us_2021_e-5915-457_hero_1 Pampers Share the Love
2021_us_2021_e-6625-978_hero_1 TUMS TUMS makes the Super Bowl #TUMSworthy

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