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To push to be the country’s number one beer, Michelob ULTRA needed to stand out in an increasingly noisy category. Using never-before-seen technology, Michelob ULTRA enabled John McEnroe to play a real match against his past self, experiencing the joy he missed as a player. McEnroe vs. McEnroe challenged the win-at-all-costs mentality plaguing modern sports, providing a timely reminder of the brand’s motto: It’s only worth it if you enjoy it. The campaign lifted brand relevance/buzz +25%, earned over 3 billion impressions, and helped lift sales year-on-year by +15%.

Brand: Michelob ULTRA
Client: ABI, Michelob ULTRA
Agency: FCBNY
Language: English

Mayo Tackles Food Waste

The mayonnaise category and Hellmann’s experienced sales decline. While America knows and loves Hellmann’s, it often only comes to mind as a condiment for making sandwiches tasty. We defined a new, meaningful role for the brand – Hellmann’s as an ingredient to reduce food waste, an ingredient to transform disparate, leftover ingredients into delicious dishes. We used the second largest day of food waste, Super Bowl, as the campaign platform. The result: +16.8% sales lift while motivating 71% to reduce food waste at home.

Brand: Hellmann's Best Foods
Client: Unilever
Language: English

AAA Insurance Rickrolls America

Category leaders outspend us 50 to 1. We had to be smarter, and media work harder to break through. We needed a Trojan Horse for trust and values messaging. Something so highly shareable it could cut through competitor clutter. On the 35th anniversary of the internet’s most beloved song and / meme phenomenon, we reinvigorated Rickrolling, to sharing our brand message. We recreated Rick's iconic music video and led with mysterious QR code message to Rickroll America in a campaign that encapsulated AAA's trust positioning: insurance ≠ InsurAAAnce from AAA.

Brand: AAA Insurance
Client: California State Automobile Association (CSAA)
Agency: Deloitte Digital
Language: English

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