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This category recognizes cases with communications efforts that ran on a small budget (Local Efforts - $1 million or less, Regional Efforts - $2 million or less, and National Efforts - $5 million or less). 



The Loudest Call for Help

At-risk youth was one of the most problematic plights in the not-for-profit category. They were seen as delinquents underserving of support. And so, it was a plight the community had completely disengaged with. In reality, at-risk youth were survivors and the ultimate personification of an ‘underdog fighter’, a trope all Aussies inherently rally behind. Using an equally invisible aspect of our streets, public payphones, Whitelion staged the loudest CALL for help. Literally. The result? Direct engagement at scale, increased donations, and a change in the national conversation around at-risk youth.

Brand: Whitelion Youth
Client: Whitelion Youth
Agency: Ogilvy Sydney

Give Up On Humans

Humans are the worst. Especially when it comes to online dating. Unwanted slides into your DMs, being ghosted, unsolicited pics; you name it we have to put up with it. So, to launch our Tinder-esk cat adoption platform MyHooman, rather than telling people to adopt a furry friend, we told them to ‘Give up on humans’. By celebrating the disappointment of dating apps we helped people find their perfect match - and have seen a massive 76% uplift in return. And there’s not a liar or catfish in sight.

Brand: MyHooman
Client: Mars
Agency: Colenso BBDO

Welcome to the Icelandverse

In 2022, travel was poised for a comeback. Up against big-budgeted competitors, tourism-dependent Iceland needed a low-cost, high-impact campaign to raise awareness heading into the new year. So when Mark Zuckerberg launched the Metaverse, Iceland introduced the “Icelandverse,” a parody film highlighting actual reality in Iceland. The video quickly racked up over 6 million views, doubled the engagement rate of Iceland’s previous record, and earned over 6 billion media impressions—leading Inspired by Iceland to declare the “Icelandverse” their most successful marketing campaign ever, just 10 days after the film’s launch.

Brand: Business Iceland
Client: Business Iceland.
Agency: SS+K
Language: English

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