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Deals so distracting they were unskippable

For Macca’s biggest deals campaign of the year, we knew we could out-shout the competition around “Great Value”. But how do you get people who actively skip and block ads to care about basic retail offers? Aussies love getting a great deal, but if it looks or smells like an ad, they tune it out. To sneak through their defences, we hid 30 of our best deals in the most distracting videos online. The result: a retail campaign Aussies couldn’t help but watch, driving 23.6% growth in YoY app sales.

Brand: McDonald's
Client: McDonald's Australia
Agency: DDB Group Sydney

Lost the Pot

This campaign played to the strengths of social media and community management on a low budget to deliver business impact, not just social success.

Brand: Pot Noodle
Client: UNILEVER (
Agency: U-Studio/OLIVER
Language: English

Letter Theft

During lockdown, snack sales surged, but one brand was left behind. Pigeonholed as a children's packed-lunch treat, Mini Cheddars failed to resonate with adults, who are Britain's biggest snack consumers. Urgently needing a revival, the brand faced daunting challenges: a minuscule market share, 2% spontaneous awareness, and a modest marketing budget dwarfed by competitors. With a delicate balance to strike, a new campaign created a vibrant cheesy world shot through with an undercurrent of edgy humour. Once underperforming, Mini Cheddars, exceeded all expectations and outperformed the entire snack category.

Client: Hornbach Baumarkt AG
Agency: HeimatTBWA
Language: English

2023_ap_2023_ss-sm011_hero_1 Heineken Juke "Music in A Can"

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