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Changing Education To Keep Girls In School

Every year 23 million girls drop out of school. One chapter that could save them, was never printed in schoolbooks due to a taboo against menstruation. We created history and wrote the Missing Chapter explaining the biology behind periods. It was read out in our film, through news readers on TV, by citizens on social media. Local artists from 25 states painted the chapter on school walls creating hand-painted native wall-art, for girls living in media-dark areas. Petition to include it in schoolbooks was committed to by key state governments.

Brand: Whisper
Client: Procter & Gamble
Agency: Leo Burnett Mumbai

The Silent Night

As New Zealanders grapple with the cost-of-living crisis, The Wellington City Mission have experienced a fourfold increase in demand for services — spiking with the pressure of Christmas. To generate emergency fundraising we staged ‘The Silent Night’, a crowd-less event that channelled Wellingtonians’ goodwill into tangible contributions to their community. The event was a sell-out, selling more tickets than the stadium’s seating capacity, raising over $350k in ticket sales, and bringing in first time donors. And because no one attended, 100% of the sales were donated to those in need.

Brand: Wellington City Mission
Client: Wellington City Mission
Agency: Special Auckland


Lebanon's economic and environmental crises have accelerated destruction of its iconic cedar forests, diminishing funding and awareness for their preservation. How could Greenpeace help? We discovered that the Lebanese cedar, a national symbol, is more commonly seen in illustrations than nature, offering a gateway for diaspora-driven donations. And we created ARZEPAY, turning every cedar illustration into a donation gateway using machine learning, converting national pride into actionable support for conservation. A gamified, data-driven platform was developed, enabled scanning of cedar illustrations and donating, effortlessly, supported by a comprehensive media strategy.

Brand: Greenpeace
Client: Greenpeace Arabia
Agency: Publicis Groupe - Digitas Middle East
Language: English

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