Media Content Partnerships

This category focuses on efforts based on partnerships between a brand and a media owner/platform to create and activate original media content beyond traditional advertising. 



Atentos a la jugada: Amazon vende de todo.

Amazon era poco recordada y poco asociada con su amplia variedad de productos. Para revertirlo, nos aproximamos de la cultura local y patrocinamos el principal campeonato de fútbol brasileño. Con una diferencia: hackeamos el formato estandarizado y rígido usado por los otros patrocinadores. Usando inteligencia creativa y de datos, desarrollamos anuncios que interactuaban en tiempo real de forma contextualizada con las jugadas. En un mercado con competencia fuertemente establecida, Amazon llamó la atención, se convirtió en Top-of-Mind y alcanzó al líder en la percepción de “amplia variedad de productos”.

Brand: Amazon
Client: Amazon
Agency: AlmapBBDO
Language: Spanish

Aged by Audio

Unlike most snacks, Cheez-It is made with 100% real cheese. But most don’t find this differentiator exciting. So when we heard there was a breakthrough process for aging cheese to hip-hop, we couldn’t resist. After aging Cheez-It to hip-hop for 6½ months, we launched Aged-by-Audio – the first-ever sonically-aged cheese snack. But instead of launching it like a cracker, we partnered with Pandora to launch it like a music-drop. The results? We QUADRUPLED engagement around our real cheese differentiator, TRIPLED traffic to our CheezItHQ.com and sold out in 12 days.

Brand: Cheez-It
Client: Kellogg's
Agency: Leo Burnett / Chicago
Language: English

Pagoda creates an egg roll craving at snacking moments, enticing a new target audience to “Put the egg rolls in!”

After a forced market exit, Pagoda fought to reclaim its place as the #1 Asian snacks brand in a saturated, stale, mom-targeted category with a $1.2 million budget. Rather than trying to get moms to stock up, we triggered a craving with a new, younger male target who was immersed in high-passion content while he was snacking. Partnering with his favorite creators we seamlessly integrated our creative idea “Put the egg rolls in!” into his snacking moments, connecting with him, driving sales & regaining leadership of the Asian snacks category.

Brand: Pagoda
Client: Schwan's Consumer Brands
Agency: Carmichael Lynch
Language: English

2023_la_2023_e-3675-805_hero_1 DR. PEPPER Hackeando Espacios Juveniles con un Sabor Indescriptible
2023_la_2023_e-3715-518_hero_1 Cheetos ¡Basta de drama, Cheetos Bola volvió!
2023_la_2023_e-3764-907_hero_1 Chevrolet Argentina “El hombre que no puede vender nada”

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