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Making Everyone Feel Like a Caesar

When Caesars entered the sportsbook arena in 2021, the category felt functional and transactional, aimed solely at hardcore bettors. As a brand with entertainment at its core, we created a campaign that felt like a modern Coliseum—inclusive, entertaining and rewarding—and extended the excitement of betting to a broader group of sports fans. We injected more fun into the category, and created incredible brand growth over the 2021-22 football season: unaided awareness (2% to 26%), market share (3.4% to 16.6%), and number of bets placed (+180%) all skyrocketed.

Brand: Caesars Sportsbook
Client: Caesars Sportsbook
Agency: TEN6
Language: English

How the Rugby League World Cup 2021 sold tickets a year out from the tournament beginning by offering the hope for people to come together again

"This paper is the ultimate sporting underdog story.
Representing an underfunded sport, with an underfunded media and production budget of £387k (during times of Covid), it will tell the story of how the Rugby League World Cup 2021 (RLWC2021) overcame a lack of interest in the sport to achieve £5.05m in ticket sales - a year out from the tournament beginning - to a largely new audience by focussing on the power and hope of togetherness.
Ultimately, it will show how the desire to be together again outweighed cynicism to the sport to deliver a campaign ROMI of 1,191%."

Brand: Rugby League World Cup 2021
Client: Rugby League World Cup 2021
Agency: McCann Manchester
Language: English


This is the worst team in the world, but won the respect of Yao Ming and millions.
Ye Sha, a teenage boy who loved basketball, passed away on April 27 2017 and the organs he donated saved the lives of seven people. About 300,000 Chinese are on waiting lists every year. The organ supply-demand ratio is 1:30.
In order to boost voluntary donations, we found five organ recipients of Ye Sha. We formed a basketball team named after the boy, and brought to life his unrealized dream.
Ye Sha's team sent out a challenge letter to professional basketball teams on the WeChat social network. The message was put on the table of CBA. In the end, they agreed to a friendly match during the WCBA All-Star Game.

Brand: Tencent Foundation
Client: Tencent Foundation
Agency: Loong
Language: Mandarin

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