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Includes all forms of entertainment.  E.G. apps, movies, programming (TV, online, radio), books, DVDs, videogames, board games, etc.  Sporting events such as the Super Bowl, sports teams, etc.



Play Unified

In Belgium and the Netherlands, thousands of athletes with intellectual disabilities long to join in and take their place on the playing field. But the sports clubs didn’t want to play ball. How can we convince clubs to give them a place, without huge resources, great reach or enthusiasm at the clubs?

Brand: Special Olympics
Client: Special Olympics Belgium
Agency: LDV United
Language: English

Summer says, 'Yas!'

Brand: Yas Island
Client: Farah Experiences – Yas Waterworld
Agency: Momentum MENA, Dubai
Language: English

Time to Grow. Time to Speak

How to grow if you're a leader of a stagnating category? How to grow during FIFA World cup if you're neither its sponsor, nor linked with football?   We knew Russians would do literally anything for their foreign guests. Even if it requires speaking English. Orbit launched “Time to speak” campaign and inspired Russians to speak English “from ze haart”. It was Time to Shine for the country! The results exceeded expectations: Orbit sales +16,5%/+16,8% (value/volume); category sales +5,7%/+17,3% (value/volume).

Brand: Orbit
Client: Mars LLC
Agency: BBDO Moscow
Language: English, Russian

2023_uk_2023_e-891-938_hero_1 The Rugby League World Cup 2021 (RLWC2021) The RLWC2021: A record breaking World Cup with real impact
2021_us_2021_e-6403-568_hero_1 National Football League 2020 NFL Draft
2020_us_2020_e-4781-973_hero_1 Snickers SNICKERS® NFL Season Promotion - Hunger Handoff

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