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Includes all forms of entertainment.  E.G. apps, movies, programming (TV, online, radio), books, DVDs, videogames, board games, etc.  Sporting events such as the Super Bowl, sports teams, etc.



Enlightening Mountain

The Internet is not powerful enough to reveal the harsh truth of living in remote mountain areas of china. We made the very first charity-oriented social game in China, allowing the Internet users to see the true stories of the children behind those mountains.
The game was launched and popularized on both WeChat and QQ. Making use of the online payment function of WeChat, the game attracted participants to donate in the game to solve the children’s problems, both virtually and physically.

Brand: Tencent Foundation
Client: Tencent Foundation
Agency: Hylink Guangzhou
Language: Mandarin

M•A•C X SOK Kiss on,We Can Win

M•A•C initiated a collaboration between Honor of Kings(China’s top mobile game), and “Rocket Girls 101”(one of the youngest idol groups in China), and announced a series of limited edition lipsticks. By leveraging the influence of both IPs in gaming and celebrity culture, this integrated campaign connected both online and offline promotions and reached the audience in multiple subcultures, including gamers, ACG (Animation, Comic and Game) fans, entertainment fans and beauty enthusiasts.

Brand: MAC
Client: MAC
Agency: Hylink Shanghai
Language: Mandarin

Keep Kissing,We'll win

Honor of Kings crossed over with MAC.
* product level:
Extract the skin color and decoration of 5 heroines of king, display the same IP in multiple dimensions at the product level.
* communication level:
Using the top traffic game and top traffic female group star double IP strategy, Igniting the topic and covering young people in the second and third world groups.
* sales level:
Simultaneously launched MACx HOK‘s of glory applet, realized million-level sales through online traffic. With offline AR+VR technology, TA can get the same makeup with one-click.
* win-win results:
With the help of crossover MAC, the game uses women as the power to pry away the tired players, giving them bragging rights and restoring their confidence in the game.
MAC breaks through the circle of honor of Kings to gain new users, adding popularity to beauty brands and making games more fashionable and invincible.

Brand: Tencent Game
Client: Tencent
Agency: Starnet
Language: Mandarin

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