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Apologize the Rainbow

To revive momentum for its core business in a category driven by new textures & innovations, Skittles needed to bring salience and appeal back to its basic product proposition. To rekindle the love, we leaned into years of “hate” around the flavor change of green Skittles – bringing back the original lime flavor and apologizing to (literally) everyone who had complained about it going away.Highlighting this over-the-top passion for the original Skittles experience helped drive a 7.4% sales lift -- reaching the highest core sales in brand history.

Brand: Skittles
Client: Mars Wrigley North America
Agency: DDB Chicago
Language: English

Aged by Audio

Unlike most snacks, Cheez-It is made with 100% real cheese. But most don’t find this differentiator exciting. So when we heard there was a breakthrough process for aging cheese to hip-hop, we couldn’t resist. After aging Cheez-It to hip-hop for 6½ months, we launched Aged-by-Audio – the first-ever sonically-aged cheese snack. But instead of launching it like a cracker, we partnered with Pandora to launch it like a music-drop. The results? We QUADRUPLED engagement around our real cheese differentiator, TRIPLED traffic to our CheezItHQ.com and sold out in 12 days.

Brand: Cheez-It
Client: Kellogg's
Agency: Leo Burnett / Chicago
Language: English

Feeding Imagination

Goldfish had a solid place in Canadians’ cupboards as the number one kids’ snack food. But it needed a place in their hearts to stay there. Goldfish was determined to become an even bigger fish in an already big pond by connecting with parents around a shared value – childhood imagination. Goldfish showed how the fish-shaped crackers Feed Imagination by turning Canada into a national showcase of kids’ creativity, outperforming brand love norms by 20% and growing sales three points ahead of average.

Brand: Goldfish® Crackers
Client: Campbell Company of Canada
Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo
Language: English

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