Commerce & Shopper: New Product/Service Introduction

Any commerce and/or shopper effort used to introduce a new product or service. New products/services may include a whole new brand, a new product from an existing brand, or a new line extension.



Chicken Sandwich Split

In 2022, Wingstop set out to launch its biggest innovation: a chicken sandwich. The problem? Consumers were loyal to their favorite brands. Wingstop created “The Chicken Sandwich Split,” a promotion that tempted chicken sandwich fans to break up with their favorite chicken sandwich brand. After all, when you can have 12 chicken sandwiches in flavors you’ve never had before, what is the benefit to being loyal? The promotion contributed to Wingstop selling out of a 4-week supply in six days and drove acquisition rate 59% above the Q2 average.

Brand: Wingstop
Client: Wingstop
Agency: Leo Burnett Chicago
Language: English

A Taste of Space – Coca-Cola Creations Starlight

The overall soft drink category is growing, but there was an opportunity for Coca-Cola to recruit Gen Z shoppers who are drinking soda less often. Coca-Cola Starlight appeals to Gen Z’s hunger for exploration, and Walmart shoppers were the first to be able to purchase. Starlight launched at Walmart with omnichannel tactics including Walmart’s first-ever beverage pre-order which sold out in under 12 hours. The launch lead to strong category growth (+13%), fueled by Coke TM growth (+16%), with 1 in 4 Gen Z shoppers being new to the category.

Brand: Coca-Cola
Client: The Coca-Cola Company
Agency: VMLY&R Commerce
Language: English

Create Your Own Karma

Credit Karma is expanding from a credit score-checking app to a full-fledged financial services company. The problem? Our target, Millennials, feel unworthy of using traditional financial institutions because they are not confident with their financial situation. So before selling them on Credit Karma, we had to sell them on themselves. Create Your Own Karma, built our target up by giving them the confidence they needed to realize that with Credit Karma they’ll have what it takes to make financial progress.

Brand: Credit Karma
Client: Credit Karma
Agency: MullenLowe U.S.
Language: English

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