Commerce & Shopper: New Product/Service Introduction

Any commerce and/or shopper effort used to introduce a new product or service. New products/services may include a whole new brand, a new product from an existing brand, or a new line extension.



The Authentic Music Game Experience

In 2010, music video games in which users played along to rock songs using fake instruments experienced one of the greatest crashes in gaming history. That same year, Ubisoft released Rocksmith, a music game that let's you plug in any guitar and actually learn to play. Rocksmith was faced with the dual marketing challenge of introducing a new franchise and differentiating itself from the defunct plastic instrument games. Innovative partnership with Epiphone/Gibson and a first-of-its-kind retail placement with Guitar Center helped establish Rocksmith as an authentic musician's music game.

Brand: Rocksmith
Client: Ubisoft
Agency: Midnight Oil Creative
Language: English

"Find Your Fit" G Series FIT new product launch at Walgreens

TracyLocke strove to create a breakthrough retail destination to launch G Series FIT where we could educate and inspire fitness athletes to try and experience the benefits of Gatorade's New G Series FIT product line for themselves. This was achieved by convincing the fitness athlete that optimizing their workout regimen could be as easy as 01 / 02 / 03 from the leader in sports nutrition. By using retail as media, the Walgreens G FIT destination endcap provided a complete product, education and incentive center to impact shopper behavior.

Brand: Gatorade
Client: Gatorade
Agency: TracyLocke
Language: English

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