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Recognizing brands that are making the world a better place by using the power of their communications platforms for "good."  This category celebrates for-profit brand efforts that effectively combined business goals with a social cause (he



Give A Veteran A Piece of The High Life

With the combat mission in Iraq ending in the summer of 2010, Miller High Life saw an opportunity to do some social good. We asked beer drinkers across America to return High Life bottle caps to give a piece of "the high life" to those who deserved it most: the war veterans who had put their lives on the line to defend it in Iraq and Afghanistan. Partnering with the IAVA, the program generated massive PR, drove volume growth and gave over 4,000 veterans "High Life experiences" throughout the summer.

Brand: Miller High Life
Client: MillerCoors
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi New York
Language: English

Drive One 4 UR School

Ford Motor Company was looking for a creative way to get people who normally wouldn't set foot in a dealership to test-drive its vehicles. In response, Team Detroit created Drive One 4 UR School - a program that would take the test-drive out of the showroom, bring it to the dealership and do so in a meaningful way. The result was over 40,000 test drives across America, a significant lift in consumers' perception of Ford and the highest buy rate of any Ford or Lincoln Mercury test drive program.

Brand: Ford
Client: Ford Motor Company
Agency: Team Detroit Inc.
Language: English

Building a Preeminent Green Brand

SunChips are made from whole grains, and have long enjoyed a reputation as a healthier snack. But in recent years the brand faced new competition in this space. Recognizing consumers were now making a connection between their health and the planet's, SunChips repositioned as the 'pre-eminent green snack'. In 2009 SunChips showed that it's not enough to talk about being green; a brand has to take action. And even the act of selecting a chip can be a choice for positive change in the world.

Brand: SunChips
Client: Frito-Lay North America
Agency: Juniper Park
Language: English

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