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Vodafone "24h Rennen"

Brand: Vodafone
Client: Vodafone
Agency: MEC
Language: German


As an expert in designing and building phone networks, Avaya was poised to enter the IP Telephony marketplace; however, before it could successfully capture the market, the brand needed to: become part of the consideration set of two; and, more importantly, provide a reason to "knock" Cisco out of the running...all with a fraction of their advertising dollars. The "Forklift" campaign leveraged Avaya's unique product proposition to establish the brand as the "anti-Forklifting" brand. The "Forklift" campaign exceeded consideration goals among non-customers, and resulted in Avaya's double-digit IP telephony shipments increases.

Brand: Avaya
Client: Avaya
Agency: McCann Erickson
Language: English

The Smarter Way

CareerBuilder.com entered the online recruitment category as a vehicle for the three largest newspaper groups to regain business lost to the Internet. But other brands dominated the category and set the rules -- run clever Super-Bowl advertising to convince people that they should be dissatisfied with their jobs. To succeed, CareerBuilder.com had to change the rules -- it would instead be about CareerBuilder is a smarter, easier way to find a better job, and its message would run with continuity and efficiency. After six months, unaided awareness of CareerBuilder had more than doubled and its share of job seekers increased over 5 points.

Brand: CareerBuilder.com
Client: CareerBuilder
Agency: Cramer-Krasselt
Language: English

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