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Submit Your Entries

Once you have prepared your entry, using the entry form in step 2, your entry will be submitted in the entry portal.  

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Download Entry Materials

Download materials below.

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Review Entry Rules & Requirements

Use the entry materials as a guide to Effie's rules and regulations.

Collaboration yields the most effective, thorough cases.  You are encouraged to work together with your agency and client partners to submit your case.
For brands demonstrating enduring success and inspiration for the future.

Effie is celebrating its 50th Anniversary as the leading global authority on marketing effectiveness with a mission to lead, inspire and champion our industry and a focus on Effie’s integral role as a forum for the industry.  As part of Effie’s celebration of effectiveness in our industry, a special award, 5 for 50, will be given to the most enduringly effective and inspirational brands globally at Effie’s 50th awards gala on May 30, 2019.

The 5 for 50 award represents the pinnacle of sustained brand success – the brands that have led the industry in marketing effectiveness and are inspiring to the industry as a whole.

Effie believes effectiveness is dynamic and ever-evolving.  The winners of this global award will need to have demonstrated that they most effectively adapted, stayed relevant, and sustained business success over a period of time.

Brands that have experienced enduring success and have won more than one Effie Award over more than one year are eligible to enter. 

Entry Deadlines are 6-22 February 2019.
The entry form and creative materials for the 5 for 50 special award for brands demonstrating enduring success and inspiration for the future can be found here.  

Use the entry form to prepare your entry with your client and agency team.  Once you have prepared your entry, you will upload it to the Entry Portal here. Entry deadlines are 6 - 22 of February 2019. 

Entry Requirements:
  • Written Entry Form: Entrants must respond to the questions outlined in the entry template here.
  • Creative Examples: Entrants must provide a creative reel (max. 4 mins.) and images/PDFs of the creative work that drove the brand’s enduring success.  See entry form above for full details on the creative requirements.
  • Credits: Effie honors collaboration between agencies and advertisers.  You will need to provide company and individual credits for those team members who were critical in driving the enduring success in the Entry Portal.
  • Publishing & Confidentiality: A 90 words max. case summary and primary publicity image will be requested in the entry portal.  See details on Effie’s Publishing & Confidentiality policy here.
Formatting requirements for the written entry form:
  • Word Limits: Because each brand has a different story, word limits are broad; however, you are not required to use all space. You are encouraged to tell a compelling story with crisp writing and visual display of data.
  • Charts and graphs to display data are strongly encouraged. You can include up to seven (7) charts/graphs for each question. To insert charts & graphs in the Entry Portal, save each chart/graph individually as a .jpg image. Ensure charts/graphs are sized so they are legible in the entry portal. (700-900 pixels wide or tall encouraged.)
  • Sourcing of all data is required.  Sources should include the name of the company that provided the source, type of data / research, date range covered, etc.  Do not include agency names in the source of research.  Do not include external links – judges will only review your written entry form and creative materials.
  • Images:  Do not include images of your creative or other images (including social media screenshots) in your written entry.  Creative images should be included in your creative reel.

Effie's 5 for 50 Award honors brands that have demonstrated enduring success and inspiration for the future. 

Download the Entry Form Template & Guide for full details on entering the 5 for 50 award, including the written entry form & creative requirements.
Review Effie's Publishing & Confidentiality Policy.

The 5 for 50 Entry Portal is open for entry.

For questions about the 5 for 50 Award, email global@effie.org