Effie United States Sample Cases

​Entrants are encouraged to review the below case studies from past Effie Awards United States winners.

Effie does not endorse a single formula for crafting an effective entry, as different situations call for different methods of storytelling, objectives, metrics, etc. Please thoroughly review the instructions within the entry form template and all entry resources when preparing your submission.

Please also note, as part of Effie’s publication policy, entrants have the opportunity to edit their submitted cases before publication. The case version (Original or Edited) is designated on Page 1 of each PDF.

National Down Syndrome Society, C21 Dinner

People with DS are among the most discriminated groups in the US, held back by multiple laws that prevent them from living independent lives. As a result, NDSS functions as a human rights organization with a mission to create change through legislation and advocacy. This case not only challenged and changed the way lawmakers see people with DS, it helped pass a law that brings independence within reach.  

Brand: National Down Syndrome Society
Client: National Down Syndrome Society
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi New York

Judge Insights: “The work itself was strong and powerful. It elicited a strong emotional reaction. Ultimately, the objective of changing the law was achieved.”

Bound By Nothing

Once regarded as a super-premium appliance pioneer, JennAir found itself vulnerable and out of touch after decades of resting on its laurels. The brand had become synonymous with “entry-level luxury”. As the competition continued to win with their same stainless-steel suites and monotonous idea of luxury, JennAir needed to reboot. “Bound by Nothing” was designed to tear down this old idea of luxury. To bring progress to a stagnant category. This platform attracted renewed attention, desire, and demand from up-and-coming affluents and design professionals, for the first time in years.

Brand: JennAir
Client: JennAir
Agency: Digitas

Judge Insights: “A massive challenge for a stagnating and declining brand. The case was built on a new ethos and even aimed to change the culture around appliances. Results are outstanding.”


Fighting hate speech through awareness, education or yelling doesn’t work, it just fuels it. Instead, we built an AI-driven bot that identifies hate speech on Twitter, and then sends an automated reply to hate speech authors that they needed to make an impossible decision: retweet and fund a donation to an anti-hate organization or delete their tweet. To date, 9 million fewer people have been exposed to hate speech on Twitter.

Brand: WeCounterHate
Client: Life After Hate
Agency: POSSIBLE - Seattle

Judge Insights: “A clear and direct objective, and simple yet powerful insight - technology used to fight a problem spawned by technology.”

Dundee: The Son of a Legend Returns Home

After years of tactical performance campaigns, Australia’s market share in the U.S. remained stagnant – even though outbound tourism was on the rise. So in 2018 Tourism Australia pivoted their approach, hijacking the Super Bowl with a powerful lead-generation campaign masquerading as the next big Hollywood blockbuster reboot. With a carefully constructed media roll-out to authentically sell the rouse, they helped cut-through the travel marketing ‘sea of sameness’ and build an enormous qualified audience pool – eventually powering a lead generation rate 4x greater than the country’s ever seen.

Brand: Tourism Australia
Client: Tourism Australia
Agency: UM Australia

Judge Insights: “The media idea of turning a tourism campaign into a movie trailer is unique. I especially liked the cross-channel approach of TV to a mass audience and then retargeting precise users via digital. The combination of reach and then lead gen was a good way to drive goals.”

Blue Hen

Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield Delaware needed to retain 60K+ state employees after a national insurer negotiated with the State of Delaware to take half of their business with a less expensive plan. By building on an insight that only Highmark Delaware could own, we connected with state employees on an emotional level by tapping into Delawareans’ deep Blue Hen pride. And despite cost and convenience disadvantages, the campaign achieved 97% of total retention goal in six weeks and delivered 3-to-1 ROI.

Brand: Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield Delaware
Client: Highmark Health
Agency: Partners + Napier

Judge Insights "Very clear explanation of the challenge and insights to get to a strategy of what needs to be done to overcome. The background gives a real description of the challenge for both the brand team and the company."

Supreme Source 10-Day Detox Pet Program

Despite two major competitive entrants in the category within key grocery accounts, the small, independent, family-owned brand of Supreme Source defended its space on shelf with a very minimal budget relative to the competition. Supreme Source disrupted the shopper’s routine with a compelling message and point of difference in the right places at the right times to help drive the best gross sales in company history. Supreme Source’s Detox campaign is a great example of marketing effectiveness by demonstrating how to spend smarter when you can’t spend bigger.

Brand: Supreme Source
Client: American Pet Nutrition
Agency: The Mars Agency

Judge Insights: “A great challenger setup, strong insight, and a creative hook and integration. The case was disruptive and effective in standing out within a crowded category.”

Diageo Pretty Simple Drinks

In 2017, shoppers bought way more wine and beer, and way fewer Diageo spirits. Why? Because even though spirit shoppers wanted to serve beautiful cocktails during at-home gatherings, the intimidation and complexity of cocktails was causing them to switch to wine and beer in-store. That’s why we developed a multi-brand program with five Diageo brands– showing just how easy it is to create Instagram-worthy cocktails in under 60 seconds. Ultimately, we provided shoppers with all the ingredients, education, and inspiration needed to make Pretty. Simple. Drinks.

Brand: Diageo
Client: Diageo North America
Agency: TracyLocke

Judge Insights: “A real solution to a real shopper problem. The case showed real understanding of the shopper, and built a real solution to the problem. It was also good execution. And, great results, as well as test and control with prior year comparisons to prove it. Bravo!”


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