The 2020 Effie US Gala has been postponed and winning teams will now be celebrated in October. Read more >
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    Recognizing the risk takers,
    the difference makers.
    The storytellers. The bold, provocative ideas
    that push boundaries while
    inspiring us to believe.
    Calling the most effective
    brands of the year.
    Tell us your story.
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    An Effie must be earned.

    With a culture of creativity that relentlessly pushes for results, Effie’s mission is to lead, inspire and champion the practice and people of marketing effectiveness. To be counted amongst the world’s most effective marketing, ideas must be courageous, inspired, audacious and of course, Ideas That Work .

    Did you create something so bold that it made people sit up and take notice?

    Did it work?

    Was it effective?

    Tell us your story.

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