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Review sample Effie Award winning cases below.  Effie winning cases showcase how effective marketing is created and measured.  
There is not a single formula for crafting an effective case, as different situations call for different methods of storytelling, objectives, metrics, etc. In addition to reviewing sample cases, thoroughly review the instructions within the entry form and entry resources when preparing your submission.

Please also note, as part of Effie’s publication policy, entrants have the opportunity to edit their cases. The case version (Original or Edited) is designated on Page 1 of each PDF.

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Brand: DB Breweries/DB Export
Client: DB Breweries
Agency: Colenso BBDO

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Ask Guðmundur

The power of a content-led approach and seven Icelandic Guðmundurs.  With a budget of only $2.1m, Iceland created a radically new type of tourism campaign using Responsive Content rather than traditional communications to rapidly change the attitudes and behaviours of tourists, adding $44.7m to the economy with a ROI of 21.3:1. "Iceland invites you to send your questions to #AskGudmundur. I gather that Iceland has a lot of folks called Guðmundur and they'll answer." President Barack Obama

Brand: Inspired By Iceland
Client: Promote Iceland
Agency: The Brooklyn Brothers

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Huggies No Baby Unhugged

In order to turn around the Huggies® newborn business which had been declining for almost ten years, we leveraged the proven medical benefits of skin-to-skin contact for newborn babies to target new and expectant moms. This allowed us to reverse historical declines in our business, delivering a 16%+ increase in newborn diaper sales and volume despite a flat birth rate. Key to our success was No Baby Unhugged, a Huggies® branded initiative that helps all moms understand the power of hugs and helps all babies get the hugs they need.

Brand: Huggies
Client: Kimberly-Clark Canada
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

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Boxed.com Olympics

P&G used their Olympic partnership to connect the elusive millennial shopper to a different out-of-the-box way to shop for their everyday essentials – Boxed.com. By using a relevant Olympian, snowboarder Louie Vito, we were able to tie into what was happening culturally while showing the benefits that an e-commerce platform like Boxed.com could provide when shopping for everyday bathroom, laundry and household cleaning items. The primary goal was to drive prior time period sales growth and the campaign delivered 30% growth vs. 3 weeks prior.

Brand: Procter & Gamble
Client: Procter & Gamble
Agency: Blue Chip Marketing Worldwide

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The Most Energy Efficient Campaign Ever

California had a dirty little secret. Despite being famous publicly for their eco-progressiveness, in private, individuals didn’t do enough to make a difference. While they were aware of energy actions they could take, many didn’t act. We needed to do more than talk the talk. We needed to show Californians that their little actions add up when taken together. This led to The Most Energy Efficient Campaign Ever: the first campaign where the ads themselves saved energy. In the end, millions of actions were taken and billions of kWh saved.

Brand: Energy Upgrade California
Client: California Public Utilities Commission
Agency: DDB San Francisco

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Alepa Block Wish

Alepa Block Wishes transformed the way in which grocery stores determine their supply in Finland. With the help of a Facebook Messenger mobile phone chatbot, customers were able to request for their favourite products to be added to the shelves of their local Alepa store. By building Block Wishes inside of media that Alepa customers actively used. We managed to evolve from prehistoric Alepa store chain into a network of corner stores to hip local shops with unique selections.

Brand: Block Wish
Client: HOK-Elanto
Agency: SOK Media

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The Whopper Detour

BK needed to generate excitement for its revamped mobile app with order-ahead functionality. Rather than using a typical coupon, we leveraged a powerful insight: With the new BK App, anywhere can be a place to order a Whopper – even a McDonald’s, turning their much larger footprint into ours. Rewarding customers with a $0.01 Whopper (when ordered from McD’s), we invited consumers to engage in the trolling fun, hitting #1 on both app stores, generating 1.5 million downloads in just 9 days, and an ROI of 37:1.

Brand: Burger King
Client: Restaurant Brands International
Agency: FCB New York


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