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Review sample Effie Award winning cases below.  Effie winning cases showcase how effective marketing is created and measured.  
There is not a single formula for crafting an effective case, as different situations call for different methods of storytelling, objectives, metrics, etc. In addition to reviewing sample cases, thoroughly review the instructions within the entry form and entry resources when preparing your submission.

Please also note, as part of Effie’s publication policy, entrants have the opportunity to edit their cases. The case version (Original or Edited) is designated on Page 1 of each PDF.

Chasing Sunscreen Shoppers during an unprecedented Summer.

The sunscreen season looked a lot different in 2020. As southern and western states were warming up in April, lockdown orders went into effect. The need for sunscreen was waning, and, in-store shopping was not an option. For Neutrogena, this was a crisis, as this category relied on early success. We leveraged search and eCommerce insights to find new ways to engage users that had switched to online consideration & shopping. As a result, digital ROIs across search, eCommerce & social improved over 75%, and, Amazon delivered 72% sales growth.

Brand: Neutrogena
Client: Johnson & Johnson
Agency: Reprise Digital

Hangar 1 Fog Point

California is experiencing its worst droughts ever, directly affecting people, ecosystems, and companies of all sizes. Hangar 1, a local Alameda craft vodka made with 60% water, was one of them.  We had to find sustainable production alternatives and did so by turning fog, San Francisco’s most representative icon, into water to use as our main ingredient. Hangar 1 Fog Point became the first vodka made from fog, a real example of how using local ingredients improve production systems, proving that sustainable projects are not just viable but also profitable.

Brand: Hangar 1 Fog Point
Client: Proximo Spirits
Agency: ACHE

Roll by Goodyear

The way we buy and install tires hasn't changed in decades, especially for Goodyear's key target: Millennial women.  Roll by Goodyear makes tire-buying and installation a more modern and enjoyable experience for female
consumers. Inviting storefronts located near shopping destinations simulate a showroom experience. Both women and men found the selection, purchase, and installation process easier, faster, more convenient, and friendlier. Our Women's Net Promoter Scores jumped by 30% and we saw 3X the adoption rate of mobile installation compared to other properties.

Brand: Goodyear
Client: Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company
Agency: Digitas

Fantasy Football With Watson

Today’s B2B leaders have B2C technology products that allow them to be more pervasive and salient in everyone’s lives, leaving IBM struggling to stay relevant. At the core of this campaign was an ESPN media partnership, which integrated IBM into the audience’s lives by leveraging their passion for sports. ESPN housed IBM’s AI-powered tool, Fantasy Insights, to help the audience make tough Fantasy Football decisions and to ease their stress around these choices. This campaign drove $2.5M in revenue and increased key brand attributes by +35 points.

Brand: IBM
Client: IBM
Agency: Ogilvy

Infusing new life into an ageing category

In 2016 young Australian women did not see hot tea as relevant to their lifestyle and were rejecting the category. Twinings saw an opportunity in the hydration market and created In’fuse, a range of fruit and botanical infusions designed for cold water. Our ‘Liven up your water’ campaign launched Twinings In’fuse as the ultimate enhancer of water. We redefined traditional notions of tea, created a new on-the-go drinking occasion and embedded ourselves into women’s daily hydration rituals. As a result, we established a whole new category, smashed ambitious targets and sold out of product just four weeks after launch.

Brand: Twinings
Client: Twinings
Agency: Leo Burnett

Connections Build Us

With greeting card sales in significant YoY decline, and retail shelf space shrinking, American Greetings blew up the traditional method of marketing cards. We shifted the benefit of card-giving from the receiver to the giver—from “it makes them feel good” to “it makes you feel good”—and tied our dying consumer behavior to a thriving one: wellness. By demonstrating how cards nurture the relationships that make us well, “Connections Build Us” repositioned card-giving as a strategy for wellness, driving relevance, purchase intent, and incremental retail distribution worth $150M annually.

Brand: American Greetings
Client: American Greetings
Agency: MullenLowe U.S.


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