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Review sample Effie Award winning cases below.  Effie winning cases showcase how effective marketing is created and measured.  
There is not a single formula for crafting an effective case, as different situations call for different methods of storytelling, objectives, metrics, etc. In addition to reviewing sample cases, thoroughly review the instructions within the entry form and entry resources when preparing your submission.

Please also note, as part of Effie’s publication policy, entrants have the opportunity to edit their cases. The case version (Original or Edited) is designated on Page 1 of each PDF.

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Subaru's Rise to Safest

Subaru vehicles have always been safe. But amid endless tech features and larger marketing budgets, Subaru didn’t stand out and sales stagnated. Then, an idea: make safety about the people, not the cars. Over 11 years, we’ve transformed safety from an expected product feature to an emotional brand equity. Our safety advertising measurably drives consideration and Subaru beats all competitors—even Volvo—on perceptions of safety. Where competitors “buy” customers with incentives, Subaru has steadily decreased incentives and grown demand through brand-building, massively outperforming the category on sales.

Brand: Subaru of America
Client: Subaru of America
Agency: Carmichael Lynch

The Whopper Detour

BK needed to generate excitement for its revamped mobile app with order-ahead functionality. Rather than using a typical coupon, we leveraged a powerful insight: With the new BK App, anywhere can be a place to order a Whopper – even a McDonald’s, turning their much larger footprint into ours. Rewarding customers with a $0.01 Whopper (when ordered from McD’s), we invited consumers to engage in the trolling fun, hitting #1 on both app stores, generating 1.5 million downloads in just 9 days, and an ROI of 37:1.

Brand: Burger King
Client: Restaurant Brands International
Agency: FCB New York

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Take The Dirt Road Less Traveled

Indian Motorcycles needed to grow sales in an aging, declining category. Ultimately, success depended on stealing share from industry dominator and global power brand Harley-Davidson. Despite being outspent 10X, Indian found a way to outmaneuver Harley. By focusing on a small but exploding niche, flat track racing, Indian was able to connect with the next generation of riders and drive volume, vastly outpacing a formidable giant.

Brand: Indian Motorcycle
Client: Indian Motorcycle
Agency: Solve

The Most Energy Efficient Campaign Ever

California had a dirty little secret. Despite being famous publicly for their eco-progressiveness, in private, individuals didn’t do enough to make a difference. While they were aware of energy actions they could take, many didn’t act. We needed to do more than talk the talk. We needed to show Californians that their little actions add up when taken together. This led to The Most Energy Efficient Campaign Ever: the first campaign where the ads themselves saved energy. In the end, millions of actions were taken and billions of kWh saved.

Brand: Energy Upgrade California
Client: California Public Utilities Commission
Agency: DDB San Francisco

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Stop Traffick

Atlanta is the worst place in the US for child sex trafficking, an issue set to worsen in the run up to hosting the Super Bowl. However, child sex trafficking had fallen off people's radars and had lost its stopping power.  Through the symbolism of 72 buses, representing the number of children trafficked in Georgia each year, we reframed a space associated with safety, into a symbol no one could ignore. Stop Traffick galvanized Atlantans and policy makers around this horrific issue, leading to 169 arrests before Super Bowl LIII. 

Brand: Street Grace
Client: Street Grace
Agency: BBDO Atlanta

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Lysol Laundry

Lysol had earned its way into households with a promise to kill 99.9% of germs.  But today, with new, natural category entrants, moms thought Lysol was too harsh.  So how were we going to convince moms we were gentle enough for even their kids’ clothes as we launched into the entirely new category of laundry?  By showing moms that the items their kids love the most are actually the germiest, we increased sales of Lysol Laundry Sanitizer by 58.3% and proved to moms that they could trust Lysol – everyday.

Brand: Lysol
Client: Reckitt Benckiser
Agency: McCann New York

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DNA Discounts

U.S.-to-Mexico Aeromexico ticket sales suffered in the face of several challenges: growing anti-Mexico rhetoric in the U.S. stalled American tourism in Mexico; Americans who were traveling to Mexico chose U.S.-based airlines over us; and those competitors spent $128-$284M while we lacked a budget to reach the American audience. Despite zero paid media spend, our shocking, newsworthy video garnered 1.6 billion impressions. More importantly, we increased daily revenue 185.8% after the campaign went viral while promoting our brand’s positioning statement: There are no borders within us.

Brand: Aeromexico
Client: Aeromexico
Agency: Ogilvy Mexico

Milano #BestDressedCookies

Beloved but overlooked, Milano needed to grab the spotlight from the flashier cookies kids demand. To promote a cookie made just for grown-ups, we needed to connect to a moment made just for them: the Oscars. But we weren’t official sponsors. When celebrities exited their limos, we recreated their looks on our cookies and tweeted them out before they had finished the red carpet. Our fans and the press ate it up with 146MM+ earned impressions, engagement rates 219% above benchmark, and a 15% jump in sales for the month.

Brand: Pepperidge Farm Milano Cookies
Client: Campbell’s Snacks
Agency: VMLY&R


How many unpaid tweets earn $87 million worth of media and lead to 13% same-store sales growth and an additional $1 billion in system-wide sales for the year? It doesn’t happen by chance. We set out to make Popeyes Chicken Sandwich wildly famous. And our “instant” success was a year in the making as we market-tested our sandwich and cultivated our fanbase, particularly among Black Twitter, a highly influential, hyper-creative group of Twitter users. When our moment came, we knew exactly what to tweet start #ChickenWars.

Brand: Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen
Client: Restaurant Brands International
Agency: GSD&M


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