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Share a Pack with a Hero

In a category experiencing declines, Extra gum wanted to create an emotional connection with shoppers that would give them a reason to engage with the category again. Teaming up with Kroger and the USO, we gave shoppers a simple way to support for troops in November. When shoppers purchased a pack of Extra gum, we shared a pack with a hero. Aligning to the Extra brand campaign, “Give Extra, get extra”, the program instantly resonated with shoppers and led to 42% growth in Extra retail sales during that time period.

Brand: Extra Gum
Client: Mars Wrigley Confectionary
Agency: The Integer Group

ShopRite Mix-In Matchmaker Program

Friendship Dairies cottage cheese developed and led a multi-partner, cross-category shopper marketing program for ShopRite. Called Mix-In Matchmaker, it encouraged the grocers highly coveted healthy food shopper segment to discover surprising, new ways to combine Friendship Dairies cottage cheese with other healthy foods to expand their restless palates and enliven their food journeys. This resulted in a 12% increase in spending by health-focused shoppers. Brand sales grew 8.3%, with a 60% repeat rate by new customers. ShopRite loved the promotion so much they adopted their own recurring version of it.

Brand: Friendship Dairies cottage cheese
Client: Saputo Dairy Foods
Agency: Partners + Napier

Water Sustainability

The Save Water campaign was created by Colgate-Palmolive in partnership with Safeway/Albertsons to spark brand sales growth by leveraging our key insight that shoppers are willing to purchase and spend more on brands with a commitment to social causes.Through a highly impactful integrated campaign during a time when water conservation was socially relevant in drought-ridden Northern California, Safeway/Albertons experienced category growth. Colgate-Palmolive grewbrand market sharewith minimal discounts available in market.

Brand: Colgate
Client: Colgate-Palmolive
Agency: The Mars Agency

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2018_sme_2018_e-238-289_hero_1 7UP 7UP Mix It Up A Little at Hy-Vee

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