New Product or Service

Any communications effort used to introduce a new product or service that is not a line extension.



You Are the Controller

Nearly a decade after the launch of Xbox, the brand had become an icon, and a must-have in core gaming circles. But a new trend threatened the brands future: the rise of the casual gamer. Attracted by the simplicity and novelty of motion gaming technology, people who had never so much as picked up a controller were flocking to console gaming, but not to Xbox. With the launch of Kinect for Xbox 360, Xbox succeeded in grabbing the attention and interest of these new gamers while also exceeding sales goals.

Brand: Kinect for Xbox 360
Client: Microsoft
Agency: twofifteenmccann
Language: English

Breaking the Google Habit: Time to Stop Searching and Start Deciding

How do you get people to question an existing brand choice that is as habitual as brushing your teeth, is universally viewed as satisfactory and is free to use? We uncovered a weakness in Google's seemingly impenetrable armor - their propensity to overload us with links - and used it to create latent dissatisfaction with current search engine choice. Bing was introduced as a Decision Engine; a new type of search experience that represented the cure to the Search Overload Syndrome we claimed people were suffering from.

Brand: Bing
Client: Microsoft
Agency: JWT
Language: English

Hiring America to Launch a Product

Just Dance was a new product with a modest marketing budget, but a grand goal: become the leader of the dance game category. We had to do more than market the product, we had to start a movement. So, we hired America to build our campaign, paying hundreds of people to play the game with others, then share videos of their experiences. By 8/31/10, the campaign yielded over 6.1 million unique views, over 10,000 unsolicited user-created videos, an AdWeek top-ten TV spot, and over 2 million units sold.

Brand: Ubisoft Just Dance
Client: Ubisoft
Agency: Nomadic Agency
Language: English

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