Communication efforts eligible for this award must be for a single brand idea running across multiple countries.



My Time Is Now

In 2012, with competition against its chief rival fiercer than ever, Nike circumnavigated the battle for share of voice in the global football conversation by focusing instead on share of engagement. My Time Is Now consistently challenged and rewarded the hunger of Nike's core football consumer, and became the biggest mass participation event the brand has ever inspired both online and off. In doing so, it redefined what a football campaign could be, protected the brand's position in key global markets and drove double-digit growth for the category.

Brand: Nike Football
Client: Nike, Inc.
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy

Write the Future

In 2010, as football's biggest event approached, Nike saw the opportunity to create a step-change in its football business. Every football fan on the planet would be watching, cheering and talking about events in South Africa. This is a story about how leading and inspiring conversations around the sport when it mattered most established Nike as the leading voice in football. How it inspired a new generation of young football fans and how it created an engaged and thriving community for the future.

Brand: Nike Football
Client: Nike, Inc.
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy

"Breathe Happy" Global Campaign

Febreze / Ambi Pur needed to create a single global campaign idea to support the business across 17 countries with different cultures, languages and attitudes towards air care. Due to the acquisition of Ambi Pur this was made more challenging by the need to accommodate two different brands. The discovery of a universal human insight based on how people's senses help them judge their environment allowed the idea to transcend boundaries and appeal globally. Furthermore, this single global idea was then bought to life to make it feel locally relevant.

Brand: Febreze / Ambi Pur
Client: Procter & Gamble
Agency: GREY Worldwide

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