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Recognizing brands that are making the world a better place by using the power of their communications platforms for "good."  This category celebrates for-profit brand efforts that effectively combined business goals with a social cause (he



Eat Them to Defeat Them by ITV and VegPower: How a big, silly idea solved a big, serious problem

This is the story of how a big, silly idea can solve a big serious problem. It's the story of Eat Them To Defeat Them: a 3 year-long effort to succeed where the efforts of government and parents had so often failed: get kids eating more vegetables. By choice..
It's a story of flipping conventional wisdom, getting people to do the right thing for the wrong reason and, above all, the disproportionate power of a brilliantly counter-intuitive creative idea to create positive behaviour change.
Most importantly, it's a story about getting kids to eat 981 million extra portions of veg.

Brand: ITV
Client: ITV
Agency: adam&eveDDB
Language: English

The Hidden Lifesavers

It’s a rare privilege to create advertising that erodes societal stigma and potentially saves lives.
When given in time naloxone dramatically reverses opioid overdose, saving lives. Provision of naloxone kits had been increasing from 2018 through 2020 (CAGR 8.74%).
Despite these historic increases in the antidote, year on year opioid-related deaths have been increasing. ~3,500 people in the UK died from opioid overdose in 2020;
and 2021 began by tracking below the three previous years and was tracking to finish 16% below target
The Hidden Lifesavers campaign did just that, and with an extremely restricted budget.

Brand: Naloxone, Ethypharm
Client: Ethypharm
Agency: Havas Lynx Group
Language: English

Now that you see me

In a competitive landscape in which transgender representation has been virtually non-existent, Citi chose to take a stand. Being seen is the beginning of everything. “Now that you see me,” was born out of the insight that being yourself, and being acknowledged for it, is the beginning of everything; relationships, job opportunities, respect, equality and societal change. With this action, Citi aimed to remove one of the many worries that trans and non-binary people have when introducing their true selves to the world.

Brand: Citi
Client: Citi
Agency: Publicis
Language: English

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