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Building value for the future

RAN IN: Russia


Audience: Within the framework of the study involving the Market Experts Guild (www.marketology.ru) and the Socium fund (www.fsocium.com) 8 primary and a range of secondary types were defined, each with its individual real estate purchase motivation. Each type was described on more than 20 parameters, which allowed to fully understand its purchase decision making logic. The findings are partially presented in table 2. Four primary types were then selected, which are now in focus of the further communication. The selection was based on the each types calculated demand capacity and its conformability with a product, which the brand offers. Table №2. Some of the target buyers types characteristics.

Objectives: The target KPI values were formed based on the similar figures of dynamics analysis of TOP-5 business rivals in 2015-2016 and on market development forecast. 1. The long term objective is to reach high popularity level. It was planned to reach the induced knowledge level of 45-50% in 2 years. 2. Increase in sales volume by the amount of market growth plus 5% annually from 2017, as well as the increase in the number of leads (i.e. calls and requests from the web site) necessary to ensure the planned sales rates (keeping the conversion of leads to orders, the growth should vary from 5 up to 10% depending on the month/seasonality).

Type: B2C

Language: English, Russian