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How The Christ Health Network survived the nursing crisis

In late 2021, the Delta variant of COVID-19 decimated nursing staffs across America. Due to alarming turnover rates, nurse staffing at the Christ Hospital Health Network (TCHHN) in Cincinnati was down 15%, a trend that could jeopardize treatment for future patients. In response, we scrapped plans for a brand campaign and instead developed a recruitment campaign in a week. After launch, visits to the recruiting site exceeded expectations by 2X, the number of applications beat goals by 4X, and, most importantly, staffing levels fully recovered.

Brand: The Christ Health Hospital Network
Client: The Christ Hospital Health Network
Agency: Supernatural
Language: English

Your New Growth Plan

Imagine you own a business in 2021. Your expenses are skyrocketing and your best employees quit. 83% of your workforce reports mental health issues. You’re ill-equipped to intervene before your business is impacted. Against all odds, Cigna managed to gain the trust of business owners like you. Cigna’s campaign broke new ground by shifting attitudes about healthcare. By demonstrating how health drives business growth, Cigna elevated the value of its offering and drive increases in revenue (+23%), consideration (+37.5%), and regard (+41%).

Brand: Cigna Healthcare
Client: Cigna
Agency: MRM NY
Language: English

Science Will Win

In early 2020, as uncertainty ruled, and the everyday was overrun by “alternate facts” and the objectivity of “science” was being openly questioned by some, Pfizer introduced a new corporate reputation campaign, SCIENCE WILL WIN. It provided tangible and believable evidence of change, reinforced Pfizer’s reputation as a patient-focused scientific leader within the Biopharma industry and put its big pharma past in the past.

Brand: Pfizer
Client: Pfizer Inc.
Agency: Grey NY
Language: English

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