Commerce & Shopper: Single-Retailer Program- Supermarkets

For campaigns that ran with a tailored, retailer-specific idea and executed that idea at a single retail supermarket chain.



Adventure Quarters

To raise awareness of National Parks and encourage Kroger shoppers to support nature, we created a unique experience that lets shoppers support the Parks and save on their favorite Nature Valley products at Kroger. By scanning their special edition America the Beautiful Quarters, they can enter to win park passes, promoting education and continued conservation. Meanwhile, Nature Valley will donate to the National Park Foundation to protect the Parks experience for future generations of visitors.

Brand: Nature Valley
Client: General Mills
Agency: VMLY&R Commerce
Language: English

Mondelez Crackers and the Charcuterie Life

The challenge of lost sales and trips in the cracker category at Albertsons was an issue of relevance. Leveraging the growing trend of charcuterie boards (an Instagram-worthy way to entertain!) was a great way to serve the needs of our “Fancy-ish” Millennial shopper; those with fancy aesthetics but not fancy budgets. Charcuterie Boards from Mondelez, crackers paired with cheese and hummus made the solution that much more relevant, simple, affordable, and easy for Albertsons Millennial shoppers to purchase. 

Brand: Good Thins, Sargento, Triscuit & Wheat Thins
Client: Mondelez
Agency: VMLY&R Commerce
Language: English

Dia De Los Muertos with Hershey & H-E-B

It’s no question Halloween time is Hershey time. The majority of the confectioner’s sales are made during this season as shoppers stock up for social gatherings, but the specter of a global pandemic scared retailers like HEB to cut their themed bag orders by 18.3%, leaving a frightening $146K sales gap. But through sweet creativity, we conjured up a crafty way to drive purchase and capture the imagination of the HEB shopper, achieving an astounding 121.4% sell through.

Brand: The Hershey Company
Client: The Hershey Company
Agency: TPN
Language: English

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