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Protecting the World's Biggest Brand with a Smile

How do you protect the value of the world's biggest brand? With a smile! Colgate is the leader in oral care in most global markets. But erosion had begun, driven by category commoditization we helped create with functional communication that made no emotional connection. The business risk was significant– without changing course, we stood to lose $300+MM within years. So, we shifted investment to equity-building, reinventing Colgate as the Champion of Optimism, inspiring people to “Smile Strong.” By building strong emotional bonds, our brand once again thrived--even through the pandemic!

Brand: Colgate
Client: Colgate Palmolive
Agency: WPP Red Fuse
Language: English

Bless Your F*ing Cooch

When eos created a line of products made specifically for pubic use, we knew that launching in a market that considered the subject ‘taboo’ would be a challenge. Enter: TikToker Carly Joy, who dropped a tutorial on how to “bless your f*ing cooch” with eos shave cream. We teamed up to launch an official product featuring her verbatim instructions, resulting in 700 million+ earned impressions, 150k sold bottles, and a nearly 300% increase in quarterly growth rate and an outpouring of support from eos fans. Taboo? Not on our watch.

Brand: eos
Client: eos Products
Agency: Mischief @ No Fixed Address
Language: English

Meet Frank: How a Zombie got gamers to fall in love with Pringles

Gaming is a huge snacking occasion, but tough to win at: cynical audience, cluttered environments and intense competition. To get gamer attention, change perception and drive volume for Pringles we went beyond traditional advertising to create disruption at scale. We created our own gaming character, broke it out the game and into the world live on Twitch. Then we transformed him into an influencer that gamers loved. We were more watched than the top games themselves, increased gaming association 94 % and delivered significant volume with an ROI of €2.92.

Brand: Pringles
Client: Kellogg's EMEA
Agency: Grey London
Language: English

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