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Dove - Campaign for Real Beauty

In 2003 Dove set out to make beauty a source of confidence, not anxiety, for women. Fifteen years later millions of beauty insecurities have been dispelled and billions of dollars have been added to brand value. Dove’s campaign touched hearts, impacted lives, changed the beauty industry and made Dove the most meaningful beauty brand in the world. But the battle is far from won. As new beauty anxieties appear, Dove continues to pursue its bold vision for change.

Brand: Dove
Client: Unilever
Agency: Ogilvy
Language: English


For over 30 years, athletes of all types have been inspired by Nike to push themselves—and each other—to reach beyond their potential. The Nike brand has done this by bringing the voice of the athlete to life through the idea of “Just Do It” in constantly evolving ways all around the world. By doing so, “Just Do It” has become the rallying cry for multiple generations, creating unprecedented brand demand—and popular consumer culture—for one of the world’s most relevant and iconic brands.

Brand: Nike
Client: Nike
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy
Language: English

IBM. A leading brand. A lasting brand.

How did a 107-year old technology company survive a category that would inevitably be transformed beyond recognition? IBM not only survived the massive change, but also shaped society and the industry at large, using effective communications to bring the world consistent thought leadership throughout. Today, ‘responsiveness’, ‘consistency’, and ‘commitment’ to the brand has distinguished IBM as the 12th most valuable brand in the world, and the #1 most valuable pure B2B brand in the world - and its revenues are growing.

Brand: IBM
Client: IBM
Agency: Ogilvy
Language: English

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