Ditch The Glitch

Lipton wanted to become an integral part of Ramadan season to enhance their situation. Being relevant to the season was a key, hammering on important insight that no one pay attention to, which is the major energy glitch that people experience after Iftar as they feel heavy, providing Lipton cup of tea that allows them to Ditch the Glitch and give the day a second chance. Which led to +33% value growth in March & 49% in April vs 2022, 11% above target, grow market share increased by 17%.

Brand: Lipton
Client: Lipton Tea and Influsions
Agency: PHD Egypt
Language: English

Want Coffee? Simple.

An insightful campaign that struck a chord with Egyptians two years in a row. When McCafe campaign re-aired in 2022 our market share increased by 3% without spending any money on new production.

Brand: McCafé
Client: McDonald's (Egypt)
Agency: FP7 McCann Cairo
Language: English

Sweet Talk

The rapid price increase of the 3in1 coffee mixes related to the sugar taxation resulted in a decline in the market value. Nescafe reverted the trend by focusing on the sugarless variant. We repositioned the 2in1 from a healthier option to a customize-your-sweetness solution. In the Arab culture, people love a casual sweet talk over a cup of coffee. Sometimes, it feels too sweet. We entertained Saudis, Kuwaitis, and Emiratis with the idea that if you cannot control the sweetness of your conversation, do it with your coffee.

Brand: Nescafe 2in1
Agency: Fullstop
Language: English

2023_mn_2023_e-4174-593_hero_1 Barista Black & White Lebanon
2023_mn_2023_e-4269-852_hero_1 Nescafe The Cookies & Cream Guy
2023_mn_2023_e-4374-916_hero_1 Lipton Green Tea Green Means Go: How Lipton Got Moving

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