Heavily Accented

In Spain exists discrimination against certain ways of speaking, specially in in Andalusia, where Cruzcampo was born. In the last years, this discrimination was affecting to its quality perception. So Cruzcampo needed to move two steps forward and recover its iconic image with a rich strategic territory and a powerful bran idea “Heavily Accented”. The campaign has become a "cultural phenomenon" and the brand has never achieved so much repercussion before: significant increment of its brand power, +180 KOL share the campaign for free, generation of multitude debates in media…

Brand: Cruzcampo
Client: Heineken
Agency: Ogilvy
Language: English


Victoria beer is a brand that year after year talks about one of the most deeply rooted traditions in Mexicans: The Day of the Dead. But 2020 was a complicated year for everyone because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we found that people couldn’t say goodbye to their loved ones because of the restrictions. Faced with this individual duel, Victoria Beer created a platform to help Mexicans say goodbye.

Brand: Cerveza Victoria
Client: AB InBev (Mexico)
Agency: Ogilvy Mexico
Language: English

Absolut Civil Love

After decades of sectarian division and Civil War in Lebanon, we called on the Lebanese to fall in Civil Love. Inter-faith love and marriage would heal divisions in Lebanon and unify the nation. But can Civil Love really unify Lebanon if it cannot result in civil marriage? Inter-faith civil marriage is still not possible in Lebanon, so we discovered a legal loophole and brought civil marriage the closest it has ever been to Lebanese territory, only 12 miles off our shores.

Brand: Absolut Civil Love
Client: Fawaz Holding
Agency: Interesting Times
Language: English

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