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This category recognizes cases with communications efforts that ran on a small budget (Local Efforts - $1 million or less, Regional Efforts - $2 million or less, and National Efforts - $5 million or less). 



Iceman to Canton

To match their competitors’ presence during the NFL season, Coors Light parlayed a local budget into a big national story by leaning into Raiders fans’ long-running grievance. The brand did that by championing Tom “The Iceman” Flores, one of the most accomplished coaches in NFL. Despite Flores’ feats, he had endured two decades of exclusion from the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Earning national buzz, the campaign resulted in significant lifts in national recall, consideration, and penetration. And the Iceman finally made the Hall.

Brand: Coors Light
Client: Molson Coors
Agency: ALMA DDB.
Language: English

Cheese Confidently

Cello Cheese is a small artisan brand that needed to increase sales and expand its audience while competing against bigger budget brands in a crowded specialty cheese aisle. Our campaign hyper-focused on helping intimidated specialty cheese newbies to “Cheese Confidently.” By humorously translating verbose cheese connoisseur jargon into authentic guidance, our geo-targeted digital media plan and in-store presence achieved 4X our goal for unit sales lift, a 38% lift in units sold per store and a 130% increase in foot traffic from customers exposed to the campaign.

Brand: Cello Cheese
Client: Schuman Cheese
Agency: Partners + Napier
Language: English

World’s Smallest Billboards

Magiclean is a kitchen cleaner brand that entered China in 2021. To compete with giants like Mr.Muscle, we had to establish a disruptive positioning that would draw eyeballs and drive sales in a low involvement category dominated by legacy brands with deep pockets. We did this by talking about something that every competitor ignores: Germs. We created the world's smallest billboards warning germs of Magiclean's deadly efficiency. A small budget campaign with big results, including a 331% increase in unique visitors to our eCommerce store and sales up by 30%.

Brand: Magiclean
Client: Kao Commercial (Shanghai)
Agency: Ogilvy Shanghai
Language: English

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