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This category recognizes cases with communications efforts that ran on a small budget (Local Efforts - $1 million or less, Regional Efforts - $2 million or less, and National Efforts - $5 million or less). 



Reshoot Graduation Photo Campaign

Beauty in China is a fiercely contested segment where brands use everything – from KOLs, celebrities, to fashion collaborations, to court young customers. Chando, an established skincare brand, was looking at breaking into this segment and changing the game. Chando appealed to youths by building a strong emotional connection with them at the start of their beauty journey – their first make-up experience. Instead of models in stark studios, Chando’s campaign focused on the high-stake emotional moment of the graduation photograph for students, and helped grow MOM sales by 52%.

Client: JALA Corporation
Agency: Soho Square Shanghai
Language: English

The New Word

How do you convince dairy milk lovers to trial a sustainable alternative? When Swedish oat-milk brand Oatly launched in Hong Kong, dairy consumption was increasing, and there was low awareness of plant-based milk, but Oatly had limited marketing budget. Discovering there was no word for plant-milk in Chinese, our bold solution was to create a new word for the category. A Swedish brand adding to the venerated Chinese language provoked attention and debate about sustainable choices and drove trial: in less than 1 quarter Oatly sales increased 40%.

Brand: Oatly
Client: Oatly
Agency: Edelman Hong Kong
Language: English

Scent By Glade®

The rise of online shopping meant that consumers could not sample our fragrances before purchasing them. To allow online shoppers to experience our fragrances in real life, Glade leveraged an overlooked part of the online shopping experience: packing pillows. For the first time ever, we turned air into an advertisement, experience, and point of purchase all in one. 

Brand: Glade
Client: SC Johnson
Agency: Ogilvy
Language: English

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