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Products communications efforts that have experienced sustained success for more than 3 years are eligible for entry.



Men Have Skin Too

Old Spice needed Black men to relate to our brand and trust our products. We identified the Fresher collection’s better-for-you ingredients and moisturizing benefits as the key to winning with them. We developed an idea so obvious that it broke through -- “Men Have Skin Too.” It turned the underachieving Fresher collection into Old Spice’s #1 performer with year-on year growth of 32%, 13% and 19% respectively. Grew $-share by 7% over a three-year period and lifted Old Spice’s equity rank among Black men from #4 to #2.

Brand: Old Spice
Client: Old Spice
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy (Portland)
Language: English

Bum's The Word: how Anusol smashed taboos and unlocked record growth

Haemorrhoids were so shrouded in shame that sufferers would rather not be able to sit down than engage with the problem. Despite this, The Cheeky Diagnosis recruited new users, and stole users from competitors – driving a historic share high. It repositioned Anusol from clinical brand to taboo-smasher, driving positive brand perceptions. It demonstrates how bold creativity grants a lasting brand halo, and can support a phenomenally successful new product launch even as marketing spend decreased every year. This is a story of going bold and staying bold.

Brand: Anusol
Agency: MSQ Partners
Language: English

The Right Way to build a brand

KFC had an iconic product and endline, but it was a business and brand in stagnation. This paper shows how the marketing team and agencies created a new strategic platform and communications approach, to fuel a sustained growth. From 2017-2021, “The Right Way” was a north star for the entire business, delivering a brand turnaround (positive brand impression for the first time ever), accelerating revenue growth to over £1bn, and overcoming two of the biggest crises in the business’ history, all on an ROI of £3.81.

Brand: KFC UK & Ireland
Client: KFC
Agency: Mother London
Language: English

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