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Recognizing brands that are making the world a better place by using the power of their communications platforms for "good."  This category celebrates for-profit brand efforts that effectively combined business goals with a social cause (he



Bedtime Fairy Tales / Lahkonočnice

A1 Slovenija have created Bedtime Fairy Tales, a vast library of contemporary Slovenian audio fairy tales, rocking toddlers all over Slovenia to sleep every day. By creating relevant and very emotional content, A1 Slovenija has become an important companion for Slovenian parents with toddlers, which has resulted in building a highly preferential brand and strengthening the A1 Slovenia brand perception among households - its core target group.

Brand: A1 Slovenija Lahkonočnice
Client: A1 Slovenija, d. d.
Agency: Grey Ljubljana
Language: English

Go Back To Africa

While the racial slur “Go Back to Africa” suggests to our target market, African Americans, that they are unwelcome in their own country, it also perpetuates a narrative that Africa is an undesirable destination. This campaign helped African Americans reclaim the phrase. It effectively took power away from those who spread hate, turning their negative slurs into messages of positivity. By illustrating a more racially representative depiction of travel to Africa, it also aided in shifting African American perceptions of (and travel intent to) the continent.

Brand: Black & Abroad
Client: Black & Abroad
Agency: FCB/SIX
Language: English

Savings therapy

In 2018 the average financial debt of slovaks rose above their savings. This created a potentially harmful impact on the financial situation of households. VUB Bank as the second largest bank in Slovakia started a campaign to get people to save money while promoting its saving products. The brand treated not saving money as just another bad habbit and prepared a reverse therapy where you could get addicted to saving. During the campaign slovaks saved 3x more than previous year fullfiling the goals by 150%.

Brand: VUB Bank savings account
Client: VUB Bank
Agency: TRIAD Advertising
Language: English

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