Positive Change - Social Good: Brands

Recognizing brands that are making the world a better place by using the power of their communications platforms for "good."  This category celebrates for-profit brand efforts that effectively combined business goals with a social cause (he



Your place is in the kitchen only when you want it to be.

The Dogcation-campaign is a great example of the great results that await when a brand identifies a common ground between a genuine commercial challenge and strong consumer interests. The case also demonstrates clear causality between the campaign and commercial results. By launching the Dogcation-competition on SoMe, Spies was met with overwhelming engagement from Scandinavian pet-owners. They not only participated in the competition, but also used their vouchers to purchase Spies-vacations afterward. Did it work? Kind of: 75,7% view-duration11,000 SoMe-engagements+33,000 participants50+ million DKK in generated salesROMI: 627%

Brand: Tazz
Client: HCL Online Advertising
Agency: Jam Session Agency
Language: English


Brand: UNIQA
Client: UNIQA
Agency: TRIAD Bratislava
Language: English

Product to Purpose: What It Takes To Protect

Lysol is known for killing 99.9% of germs – so when Covid hit, it was flying off shelves. But to live up to our purpose of helping keep your loved ones illness-free, we had to do more. Because Lysol kills germs on surfaces, but Covid primarily spreads through the air. So we empowered people with What It Takes to Protect, from vaccines to classroom healthy habits. As a result, Lysol is significantly more associated with “illness protection” vs. our #1 competitor.

Brand: Lysol
Client: Reckitt
Agency: McCann New York
Language: English

2023_ap_2023_sc-bs001_hero_1 McDonald's Eating Equally with Eatqual
2023_ap_2023_sc-bs002_hero_1 MyHooman Give Up on Humans
2023_eu_2023_e-821-690_hero_1 Ferrero Kinder Unmask Fears

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