Non-Profit / Pro-Bono / Public Service

Communications of a public service nature for a non-profit organization or association, including political messages, and special interest/trade group communications. 



Teenage Dream

As tumultuous news pushed youth gun violence to the sidelines, Sandy Hook Promise knew they needed to evoke deep emotions to break through. We juxtaposed a pop-cultural embodiment of our collective youthful ideal – Katy Perry’s #1 hit “Teenage Dream” – with the real-life experiences of school shooting survivors, exposing the huge gap between our idealization of high school and the reality students face today. With no paid media, we gained broad exposure, broke through, shifted opinions, and drove action across the cultural spectrum.

Brand: Sandy Hook Promise
Client: Sandy Hook Promise
Agency: BBDO New York
Language: English

Unseen Emergencies

People equate the need for blood with national emergencies, natural disasters, mass shootings or other cataclysmic events. But NZ Blood face the equivalent need of these events every day - we just don’t see them. "Unseen Emergencies" woke New Zealanders up to the fact that any person, any time, in any place, could be faced with a life-threatening situation that required blood – and they happen every hour, every day. This is the story of how reframing daily events as unseen emergencies created the largest donor jump in 5 years.

Brand: New Zealand Blood Service
Client: New Zealand Blood Service
Agency: YoungShand
Language: English

Signal for Help

Before the pandemic if you were at risk of abuse there was no simple, covert way to ask for help. Today there is a globally recognized gesture – Signal for Help. Invented at the height of the pandemic, during a surge in gender-based violence the Signal became a tool that women could and were proven to be using. Inspiring activism and action on a global scale Signal for Help was adopted by 200+ organizations, across 40+ countries in 19 languages continuing to have a positive impact beyond the pandemic.

Brand: Canadian Women’s Foundation
Client: Canadian Women’s Foundation
Agency: TBWAJuniper Park
Language: English

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