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For female youth, Tinder had come to represent one thing. Hookups. It was too narrow, too transactional, and had Gen-Z women leaving Tinder in droves. We found Gen-Z were open to one-night stands, but needed the hope that it could lead to more. The It Starts With a Swipe campaign flipped Tinders narrative. Using a combination of humor, a bold visual identity, to acknowledge and reframe Tinder’s negative perceptions into hopefulness.  This new positioning instantly returned the company to positive growth, and Tinder overtook Hinge in brand preference.

Brand: Tinder
Client: Tinder
Agency: Mischief @ No Fixed Address
Language: English

The Brake Room

Amidst the pandemic's chaos, food delivery workers emerged as unsung heroes. Though deemed “essential” as they served thousands cross the city, their own basic human needs and rights remained woefully underserved. As a brand known for its reputation of care and whose business was becoming more reliant on this community, Chick-fil-A knew we needed to act. The Brake Room was a resounding declaration of appreciation that made the workers feel valued, spurred others to do the same and got people to clearly to see Chick-fil-A as a caring brand.

Brand: Chick-fil-A
Client: Chick-fil-A
Agency: McCann New York
Language: English

Jornada del Autismo: Tecnología mejorando y promoviendo la inclusión de personas autistas

Vivo, una gigante de la tecnología, reafirmó su compromiso con la inclusión y la diversidad en colaboración con la AMA (primera institución de apoyo a personas autistas en Brasil), modernizando las obsoletas y costosas tarjetas de comunicación PEC. Mediante el uso de inteligencia artificial, Vivo avanzó en su propósito de "digitalizar para acercar" resolviendo problemas reales y abrazando temas actuales con propósito. Al ayudar a las personas autistas y a sus familias a conectarse, Vivo una vez más se posicionó como una marca relevante en el debate tecnológico.

Brand: Vivo
Client: Vivo
Language: Spanish

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