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All Worth It

This case addresses the pain of feeling excluded.  Conventional wisdom dictates that mass marketing should focus on the majority for the biggest returns.  Unfortunately, this leaves minorities feeling ignored, especially in mass cosmetics.  With the widest foundation range, but not the biggest share, L’Oreal True Match saw an opportunity to help everyone feel ‘worth it’ with a foundation for every kind of face, for every shade around the world.  Taking an inclusive, leadership stance was good for everyone, with True Match seeing huge gains in every market. 

  • Brand: True Match
  • Client: L'Oreal Paris
  • Agency: McCann London

Protect Like A Mother

Lysol was increasingly perceived as harsh for everyday use. It was losing relevance globally and reserved for only the most extreme cases of disinfection. To reconnect with our core consumers, mums, on more than the grossest jobs in her house, we had to uncover a universal truth that gave our products new and relevant meaning. The resulting campaign elevated the strength of our products from a functional germ-kill claim to an emotional promise of protection. And in the process, it unified a global business, while reimagining an over 100-year-old brand.

  • Brand: Lysol
  • Client: Reckitt Benckiser
  • Agency: McCann

Girl Emojis - #LikeAGirl

At puberty, girls confidence plummets, often because society limits girls to stereotypes. These stereotypes can even be found in subtle places like on phones. Girls send over a billion emojis every day, but do emojis represent them? Always asked in a social experiment with real girls, and it turns out, unless girls only relate to princesses and beauty, the answer is no. We set to rally girls all over the world to demand new, non-stereotypical emojis reflecting real girls. We responded in real time with custom designs resulting in updated keyboards.

  • Brand: Always
  • Client: P&G
  • Agency: Starcom
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