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Love At First Taste

With Millennials increasingly buying into artisan food brands, Knorr’s big global brand risked being left on the shelf. Our insight, that the flavours we like say a lot about us, was brought to life as we helped people discover their flavour personality. Our social experiment, matching singles by flavour personaility, enticed audiences into spreading our story for free, earning 60% exposure through consumers sharing. The campaign became YouTube’s second most-watched campaign of 2016. Brand Favourability increased +10 percentage points Purchase Intent amongst Millennials by +14 percentage points.

  • Brand: Knorr
  • Client: Unilever
  • Agency: MullenLowe Group

WYGS Noseblind

Febreze Noseblind is not a campaign, but a contagious idea that proved the strength of its insight by opening the minds and noses of our target group and reviving a weakened Febreze business in UK and Ireland. Clever and relevant, –Noseblind” not only stopped a declining sales trend but led to a staggering recovery. Value share grew by 23.4% _twice the objective_ volume by 8.1%. And household penetration by a healthy 15%. Consumers loved it - communication scored significantly better on uniqueness and engagement. Breathe Happy _ again.

  • Brand: Febreze
  • Client: Procter & Gamble International Operations S.A.
  • Agency: Grey DuŸsseldorf GmbH

Mini Babybel

To shift perceptions from a nice little cheese to a cool healthy snack, and increase sales across Europe, Mini Babybel needed to convince mothers on naturality and engage kids aged 8-12 yo on fun. Mini Babybels unique personality was embodied through an exciting creative platform: the –Supercheese” campaign resonated with kids and mums audiences, turning the –98% of milk” into a superpower and the red wax into an endeless source of entertainment. The campaign delivered growth in all European countries and naturality and funs perception improved among our targets.

  • Brand: Babybel
  • Client: Bel
  • Agency: Y&R Paris
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