Commerce & Shopper: Challenger Brand Solutions

This is an award for smaller, new, or emerging brands making inroads against big, established leaders.



Vending machines

In the cold summer of 2017 IKEA invited visitors to the parks to spend more time outdoors in an atmosphere of comfort and coziness, like at home, installing vending machines for the sale of blankets. IKEA proposal was enthusiastically accepted by residents of cities, which increased sales of blankets by 446% against the planned volume, on weekends vending machines replenished every 20-30 minutes.

Brand: IKEA
Client: IKEA
Agency: Instinct
Language: English, Russian

How to grab Black Friday?

Can you win the battle for "Black Friday" ("BF"), when almost all brands, almost all categories, with the same messages and huge media investments, participate in this "battle" at the same time? Probably not! That's why M.Video was done differently - instead of promoting "Black Friday" in November, when everyone does it, we promoted it several times during the year as part of our traditional sales. In the end, when the real "BF" came in November, consumers, seeing the advertisement "BF" from other brands, habitually associated it with M.Video, and eventually came to buy it to us.

Brand: M.Video
Client: Management LLC
Agency: Instinct
Language: English, Russian

The Baby Stroller Test-Ride by Contours

Contours is a small brand in the premium stroller category that was able to turn a minimal budget and powerful insight into an effective never-been-done-before solution. "The Baby Stroller Test-Ride" lets parents experience first-hand what their babies can't describe. We created an in-store product demonstration and compelling social content to influence more stroller shoppers online, where they research and share. 

Brand: Contours
Client: Kolcraft
Agency: FCB/RED
Language: English

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