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Once You've Got It, You Get It.

FiOS customers love 100% fiber optic FiOS, but prospects don't really get what all the fuss is about. Here’s why: experiencing 100% fiber optics for yourself makes all the difference. Basically, “once you’ve got it you get it.” Don’t get it? Hear customers put it in their own words. You can even tweet them a question. If you still don’t get it, we just might surprise you in your home and demonstrate the difference. In the end, enough people “got it” to set a sales record and obliterate our KPIs.

Brand: Verizon FiOS
Client: Verizon FiOS
Agency: McCann New York
Language: English

It's time for Gun Sense

On December 14, 2012 the Newtown, Connecticut school shooting left 28 people dead including 20 6-year-olds as a direct result of the nations lax gun laws. Moms Demand Action was an organization of a few mothers who were moved to do something to prevent future tragedies. With an advocacy campaign that asked Americans one simple question, Does it make sense? this group was able to grow into an organization of over 100,000 influencers and delivered 90% public support for a ban on assault weapons and universal background checks.

Brand: Moms Demand Action
Client: Moms Demand Action
Agency: Grey Canada
Language: English

Johnsonville Brattender Campaign

In 2013, Johnsonville cut media spending behind their famous bratwurst, but sales expectations didn't decrease with the budget. With less money to buy impressions, we needed to earn them. Insights gleaned from our social analytics led us to enlist our biggest fans to help. We mobilized them by creating a character called The Brattender. He offered shareable bits of wisdom and inspired our fans to create their own shareable content. In a year we hoped to keep brat volume flat, we managed to sell even more brats.

Brand: Johnsonville Sausage
Client: Johnsonville Sausage
Agency: Cramer-Krasselt
Language: English

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