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Marketing communications efforts for products that are sold without a prescription that address a specific health condition.



Embarrassment Happens. Leaks Shouldn't.

In order to continue to grow Pearl and the overall Tampax business, the brand needed to convince the 69% of women who were aware of 3-year-old Pearl but who hadn't tried it to make the switch. The creative strategy linked Pearl's protection with the most relevant emotional benefit for young women - no embarrassing leaks in public. The campaign increased Pearl's shipments by 27% and value share by 2.5 points in the plastic category. For the first time, the Tampax brand grew to more than a 50% value share of the total tampon category.

Brand: Tampax Pearl
Client: Procter & Gamble
Agency: Leo Burnett USA
Language: English

Back in the Sack

When consumers suffer from nasal congestion, they buy products they trust, and Breathe Right nasal strips are not one of them. Since most consumers consider Breathe Right strips to be a gimmick for professional athletes, we couldn't attack decongestant giants like Claritin or Vicks head on. Instead, we identified a segment the competition couldn't connect with, snorers. With a campaign that focused on the emotional benefits of reducing snoring, we were able to increase sales 17% over the same period the previous year. Most importantly, people are sending new testimonials everyday, telling us how they got "back in the sack" with their loved one.

Brand: Breathe Right
Client: CNS,Inc.
Agency: OLSON
Language: English

Be Not Afraid

The launch of Natural Citrus Listerine set out to embrace consumers who value the efficacy associated with Listerine, but found the taste sensation barrier too large to overcome. The 'Be Not Afraid" campaign successfully reached out to those consumers touting a new-less intense citrus flavor that has all the efficacy of the other Listerine flavors. Because the Brand's core equity and reason to believe rested on the fact that the harsh taste is a cue to the efficacy of Listerine, the challenge was to delicately balance a less-intense taste message without detracting from our stance on efficacy. Natural Citrus Listerine was successful in the undertaking and has since welcomed over 10MM new users to the Listerine franchise. In doing so, Listerine has grown the category 2.1% and Listerine sales by 12.9%. The brand also increased its share an impressive 5.3 points in only 10 months following the launch.

Brand: Natural Citrus Listerine Mouthwash
Client: Pfizer Inc.
Agency: JWT New York
Language: English

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