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Chevrolet Spark Launch

How do you sell to people who are completely uninterested in your category? Selling cars to young people used to be easy. But today urban millennials don't seem to care much about cars. What they do love is the access they get from technology: access to friends, entertainment, everything. So we proved to them that Spark wasn't a car it was actually the ultimate mobile device. We sold our impossible first-year target of 3000 cars in just six months. And we transformed Canada's small car category.

  • Brand: Chevrolet
  • Client: Chevrolet Canada
  • Agency: McCann Canada

Strengthening Perceptions: Chevy Silverado

Our #1 competitor, long-time category leader, and fierce rival Ford had made a big splash with the debut of new, all-aluminum F-150 pickup truck. They brashly claimed that with their truck, all other pickups are history. But we knew many in the truck market were dubious about aluminum as a truck material, and we set out to confirm their doubts with a two-pronged strategy. In the end, we proved that Chevy Silverado, built of high-strength steel, is stronger and more reliable, and it showed in sales and share.

  • Brand: Chevrolet
  • Client: Chevrolet
  • Agency: Commonwealth//McCann

Lincoln Brand Reinvention

How do you turn around a car brand that had gone from being the best selling luxury brand in 1998 to number seven a mere decade later? How do you bring this brand to the attention of a generation who barely knew we existed? Through the very bold step of an unorthodox celebrity partnership, that's how. Via a campaign that put Lincoln squarely into the pop culture conversation, we achieved record high ad awareness, unprecedented increases in Favorable Opinion and for the first time in a decade, significant sales increases.

  • Brand: The Lincoln Motor Company
  • Client: The Lincoln Motor Company
  • Agency: Hudson Rouge
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