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Range Rover Sport Dragon Challenge

As US demand for SUVs has accelerated, the mainstream luxury players (Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Lexus, Porsche) were claiming the same story of capability that Range Rover pioneered - and doing it with the backing of far greater sales volume and share of voice. The breakthrough campaign that resulted, Dragon Challenge, reasserted why Range Rover Sport remains untouchable as the pinnacle of this segment: Increased test drive submissions by 96.1%, increased loyalty 16.1 points to the highest level in two years, and had the best sales month in brand history.

Brand: Land Rover
Client: Jaguar Land Rover
Agency: Spark44

Subaru Crosstrek - Amazon Infiltration

Getting on the list of new car buyers is paramount to any successful auto campaign. And most automotive advertising to attract these buyers and get on their shopping lists happens on 3rd party endemic automotive shopping websites like Cars and However, throwing more money at these sites has a point of diminishing returns; and Subaru simply couldn’t afford to keep throwing money at the same group of shoppers. They needed to create a new way of achieving the same lead-driving metrics while also attracting like-minded shoppers to the brand.

Brand: Subaru
Client: Subaru of America
Agency: Carmichael Lynch

Nueva Amarok V6 Comfortline: En el campo de la tecnología.

Con su estrategia dual, Amarok conectó con la ciudad ubicándose segundo en ventas. Pero los prejuicios alrededor del producto impidieron llegar al campo; un territorio nuevamente en crecimiento que, en 2018, debíamos enamorar para mantenerse segunda. La nueva Comfortline V6 era la ideal para hacerlo, pero necesitaba cambiar la estrategia.Gracias a una campaña integral e insights completamente nuevos alejados del campo tradicional, redefinimos cómo Amarok hablaría al campo, conectando con sus nuevos protagonistas: Los Millennials Rurales.Logramos las ventas anuales pretendidas generando el 40% de éstas en 3 meses, volviendo al campo de la mano de la generación más jóven.

Brand: Amarok
Client: Volkswagen
Agency: Geometry Global Argentina

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