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Hyundai Tucson

Tucson campaign focused on pushing both the sales of the flagship model and emotionalising the brand. Creating a parallel between our target audience beliefs and brand philosophy, we delivered a story based on a simple truth: hard work works. Intentionally connecting the story with the right music, we managed not only to achieve 34% above the sales targets, but went viral with ‘Hyundai Song’, becoming #5 most Shazamed ad in the UK and driving traffic to our spot. We achieved the involvement and motivation above the TNS automotive average.

Brand: Hyundai Tucson
Client: Hyundai Motor Europe
Agency: INNOCEAN Worldwide Europe

Telling Personal Campaign Stories On The Fly

Our brief was to launch Toyota’s updated AYGO model into a declining segment; against competitors with much greater media budgets; and with limited headroom for growth amongst our core buyers. The car itself was virtually unchanged with little new news to speak of. Yet Toyota set AYGO’s highest ever sales volume target. Our strategy embraced real-time hyper-personalisation, powered by data-driven technologies. This new breed of personalisation successfully amplified our creative idea to four different audience segments, increasing interest and consideration for AYGO. This delivered sales growth that exceeded Toyota’s target.

Brand: Toyota AYGO
Client: Toyota Europe
Agency: The & Partnership

Subaru Crosstrek - Amazon Infiltration

Getting on the list of new car buyers is paramount to any successful auto campaign. And most automotive advertising to attract these buyers and get on their shopping lists happens on 3rd party endemic automotive shopping websites like Cars and However, throwing more money at these sites has a point of diminishing returns; and Subaru simply couldn’t afford to keep throwing money at the same group of shoppers. They needed to create a new way of achieving the same lead-driving metrics while also attracting like-minded shoppers to the brand.

Brand: Subaru
Client: Subaru of America
Agency: Carmichael Lynch

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